Has tolerance been abandoned?

Dennis Linthicum

Has tolerance been abandoned?

The phrase “totalitarian” does not refer to the existence of concentration camps, the lack of food, or the severity of current economic conditions. Rather, “totalitarian” reflects the scope of control that a state exhibits over the broadest aspects of human life. Therefore, a totalitarian state seeks to absorb as much private life as possible into the sphere of state control.

In Oregon, one can see this surfacing with recent attempts at absolute gun control, outlandish carbon taxes, comprehensive 0 to 20 education programs and the denial of access to educational resources without first submitting to mandatory vaccinations.

What appears to be missing is a conceptual understanding of the individual, or individual freedom, outside of the boundaries established by law. Once laws are passed, state officials breach other spheres of influence and advocate for more regulations; in turn, liberty loses.

This ideology leaves the bureaucracy stranded with no place to rest because they do not recognize any natural limits to legislative, executive, judicial, administrative or bureaucratic power. Eventually, everything succumbs to the grasping hands of the state.

Learn the Risks

Never-the-less, thousands of concerned citizens, families, physicians, nurses, dentists and educators traveled to the capitol, last week, to demand medical freedom. They came from all walks of life to denounce a bill (HB 3063) in the House Healthcare committee. Under the bill, the state would deny all educational resources to students who have not undergone the mandatory vaccine regimen.

The proponents testified about fears stemming from a recent Portland, OR outbreak. Yet, the last confirmed measles death in US occurred in 2015, with the next most recent measles death occurring in 2003.

The fear of death from measles doesn’t hold a candle to the real threat faced by vaccine-injured children and the life-long trauma and health concerns that plague these young lives.

Any parent who wants his or her child to be vaccinated and protected against common communicable vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs), such as measles, polio, whooping cough, mumps, chickenpox, etc., can find such protection readily available throughout Oregon and the US.

So why does Oregon feel the need to withdraw education from children in Public Schools, Public Charter Schools, Virtual Public Schools and Private Schools if they choose to forego the vaccination regime? Has coercion replaced persuasion as the state’s tool of choice? Has tolerance for religious, ethnic or cultural perspectives been abandoned?

Moms know their babies better and more intimately than anyone else and when they testified in droves against mandatory vaccines - they shared compelling insights that we ignore to our own societal peril.

So, why are those parents who choose their own course of action labeled as the non-scientific? Can the pro-mandatory vaccine crowd claim a valid statistical or “scientific” fear when currently there are only 19 cases of measles per million persons in the entire world?

Opposition witnesses unmasked the state’s desire to push the absurdity of this type of “voluntary yet mandatory” exchange. They also posed questions that the one-size-fits-all gang could not answer – Do all people respond uniformly to the beneficial aspects of vaccines and are there absolutely no down-side risks or adverse reactions?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), “Historically, the non-clinical safety assessment for preventive vaccines has often not included toxicity studies in animal models. This is because vaccines have not been viewed as inherently toxic.

This startling admission highlights that vaccines have not been evaluated for toxicity because of a predetermined belief in their non-toxicity, rather than because of scientific evidence.

This fact is probably why Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in 1986. The act provided a legal liability shield to drug companies for vaccine injury and death claims. Under the NCVIA, parents have to file claims in the vaccine injury court which receives about $0.75 from every vaccine sold. The court paid over $4 billion to parents with vaccine injured children, from 1986 to 2018.

During our Senate Health Hearing on SB 649, a different bill that would require vaccine ingredients to be disclosed to all vaccine recipients, we heard testimony regarding a lack of any sure evidence of vaccine harm caused by vaccine bundles.

That’s the point… until research is performed, reviewed, understood, disseminated and read, the risk-benefit calculus is still an unsolvable equation. Without doing this first, state policy will fast become an extended round of Russian roulette.

The claim that phenomenal progress has been made in Public Health arenas due to expanding vaccine coverage ignores other causal relationships.

Vital statistics show that around the world, fatalities from scarlet fever had become quite rare by the mid-20th century, without any vaccine. Additionally, mortality from infectious diseases such as measles and whooping cough had declined before the introduction of the corresponding vaccines (see Figure 1).

A review of U.S. mortality data from 1900–1973 concluded:

Medical measures [such as vaccines] contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900—having in many instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline had already set in.”

Instead, the decline in infectious disease incidence and mortality during the last century represents a “miracle” which is more likely attributable to classic, long-term public health measures, such as, better waste managment, sanitation and better information about food and nutrition.

A recent study, in Italy, found a significant association between increased caloric intake and declining mortality while reflecting positive “progress in average nutritional status, lifestyle quality, socioeconomic level and hygienic conditions.”

These conditions arise from economic advantages produced by free markets and capitalism not through the forced manipulation of the weakest by the strongest.

Epidemiologists are typically inclined to give credit to vaccines, but in another study they recognized other unresearched factors were invloved, including changes in “human resistance and bacterial quality,” and other factors.

The idea behind HB 3063 makes Oregon’s smallest citizens lab rats and forces them into an unacceptable experiment.

The purpose of life is not to serve the state; rather, it is to develop into a full and flourishing human-being who is capable of independent choices, thoughtful analysis and has the ability to recognize Truth, Goodness and Beauty, while exhibiting virtue and positively contributing to one’s family and community.

Remember, If we don't stand for rural Oregon values and common-sense, No one will.

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