Thank you, Mr. Secretary.

Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis

Thank you, Mr. Secretary.

Last week, Oregon’s Secretary of State Dennis Richardson lost his battle with brain cancer. His vigorous and graceful service to the people of Oregon both as Secretary of State and in the Legislature, was an example to all of us. As the Secretary of State, his work revealed big problems in our foster care system and government waste. In the legislature, he fought for fiscal sanity and transparent government. He was a larger than life figure who was gentle and kind in his demeanor yet professional and serious in his principles. Thank you for your service to the State of Oregon and the people, Mr. Secretary. You will be deeply missed.

Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson


Last week, I introduced pieces of legislation would help parents run for elected office, make county roads safer, and make sure that people with hardship driver permits can provide necessary services for their family.

Cap and Trade


Cap & Trade ROAD SHOW

The Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction road show is rolling along. The was in the Dalles yesterday and in Bend today to hear how this legislation will Oregonians across the state. The amount of citizen participation has been astonishing.

House Bill 2020—in its current form—will have major impacts on the wallets and lives of all Oregonians. The process of hearing from a diversity of Oregonians is essential to making this bill the best it can be.

Again, as your Representative, I want our district's voices heard in this process. If you, or anyone you know would like to participate in public testimony on the Cap-and-Trade legislation, learn how to here. If you cannot make it to one of the hearings, you can also submit written testimony here where it will be available on OLIS for everyone, including Committee members, to see. If you do this, please email me your testimony! If you need any more information or help with the testimony process, reach out to Renée at or call us directly at (503) 986-1415.

Stay up to date with this bill throughout the process at my Facebook and Twitter.

Farm-to-School Program

FARM to SCHOOL Testimony

As a member of the Agriculture and Land Use, I have the amazing opportunity to be a voice for District 15’s farms, schools, and students. This past week, Mercedes from Memorial Middle School, came to testify in favor of the Farm-to-School Program. I love seeing our students getting involved in the legislative process!

The Farm-to-School Program support students, farmers, and communities and has been a great experience for so many students in Albany to learn the farms that surround them and provide their grocery stores with food. Students learn about the importance of agriculture in their lives, meet farmers on field trips, and learn about the long-term health benefits of fresh vegetable & fruits in their diets.

Renee Perry

New Staff

This week, the newest member of Representative Boshart Davis' staff moved into the office. Renée Perry, a resident of House District 15, has been hired as the Representative's Legislative Assistant. Her background and experience equips her to be effective resource for the people of District 15. 

Never hesitate to reach out to Renée about scheduling a meeting with the Representative, visiting the Capitol, or any questions about issues with state government. 

If you would like to stay up to date on what’s going on in the Capitol, follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any comments or concerns about working with state agencies or about any proposed policy, I encourage you to reach out to my legislative team and me through email:

My email -

Renée - Legislative Assistant:

Dru - Legislative Aide:


Talk soon,

Rep. Boshart Davis

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Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, H-389, Salem, OR 97301