Week 4: Rent Control, the Death Tax, and Oregon's Birthday

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Week 4: Feb. 11 - 15, 2019

Another busy week has come and gone in the Oregon State Legislature. Here is a recap from week four:

Testifying on SB 701

Testifying alongside Senators Thatcher and Hansell

All too often, I hear stories of family farms and small businesses shutting down or being broken up in order to pay the death tax after the loss of a family member. These stories cause me sadness, knowing that generations of work, accomplishments, and creating jobs have been put to an end so the government can collect revenue.

That is why I am working with Senators Thatcher and Hansell on SB 708, which would decrease Oregon's death tax to match federal policy. The value of Oregon's small businesses, the goods and services they provide, and jobs they create cannot be understated. We will continue to fight for them and their future generations at the Capitol. 

Visit from Oregon Outdoors

Visit from OR Outdoors

Central Oregon's natural beauty provides some of the best opportunities for outdoor recreation in the country. Outdoor recreation doesn't just provide opportunities for enjoyment and exercise, but also supports businesses and jobs in the outdoor recreation industry.

From fly and tackle shops to ski resorts, the outdoor recreation industry creates thousands of jobs in Senate District 27 that support help our local communities. It is so important that government actors, industry leaders, and outdoor enthusiasts work together to ensure these opportunities will continue to remain.

Oregon Outdoors is a group of outdoor recreation industry leaders and enthusiasts who are helping make sure that collaboration takes place. It was great getting to meet with them and I commend them for their work.

Access to Midwife Care

Visit from Access to Midwifery Care

It was great to receive a visit from the Access to Midwifery Care organization last week for their annual lobby day. They shared great insight and information on the important care that midwives provide. I appreciate their advocacy and work to ensure that access to midwifery care is available to all who choose to utilize their services. I also appreciate them letting me show off pictures of baby Oliver!

Airport Infrastructure

Gary Judd

It was great getting to chat with Matt Rogers and Gary Judd to discuss airport infrastructure! Gary is the Bend Municipal Airport Manager and Gary is an engineer that plays a critical role in the development of Bend Airport!

I appreciate their work on a facility that has so much potential for Central Oregon!

Matt Rodgers

Opposition of Statewide Rent Control

Sb 608 Floor Speech

Last week, one of the more controversial bills so far this session made it to the Senate Floor for a vote. SB 608 will implement statewide rent control, and limit property providers ability to manage their units. 

I made my opposition to the bill clear in my floor speech and following press release, which seen by clicking the image to the right.

In my 15 years working in the housing industry and for a affordable housing non-profit, I've learned that Oregon's affordable housing crisis is a result of limited supply, which SB 608 will only worsen.

This legislation will deter investment in new affordable housing units, creating an even greater shortage and higher prices for those who can least afford it. Unfortunately the majority party has not taken the supply issue seriously, and have moved the bill along to the House. I encourage all to call your State Representative and let them know we need real solutions to our housing crisis, not counterproductive regulations. 

Happy Birthday Oregon

Happy Birthday Oregon

It is always fun to get to celebrate Oregon's Birthday along with our loved ones on February 14th each year. The capitol building was filled with excitement, and lot's of Oregon shaped sweets.

Happy 106th Birthday to our great state, which I am honored to serve. Alis volat propiis.     

Best Regards,


Senator Tim Knopp 
Senate District 27

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