E-News from the desk of Sen. Manning 1/31/2019


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Senator James Manning

Hello District 7

Dear Friends,

I have been blessed with the honor of representing you in the Oregon State Senate for the next four years.

As your elected Senator, I want to offer a few resources that allows you, my constituents, to engage with the legislative process. For an overview of what the legislative process looks like, I invite you to read the Legislature's "How an Idea Becomes a Law" web page.

Since the 2019 Session has come under way, I have been working on drafting bills that address a variety of different topics. Most notably, I will be working bills on universal single-payer healthcare, affordable housing, public and workplace safety, bias crimes and environmentally-sound solid waste recycling. I look forward to proposing these bills in the 2019 Legislative Session.

In addition to my legislative agenda, I am excited to serve you on several committees this session.

When a bill is introduced, it is assigned to one or more committees. Each committee deals with a specific area of public policy. Then, the bill undergoes a public hearing, during which the public can speak on the bill, and a work session, during which legislators can propose amendments to the bill.

If you hear of a bill in the news, within your community or elsewhere, we want you to be able to read and track them. To that end, I invite you to use the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS), which is a free search engine for bills (you can access OLIS by clicking here). By clicking the "Bills" icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the OLIS homepage, you can search bills by number, text or sponsor. To clarify, bills originating in the Senate start with "SB," and bills originating in the House start with "HB." Brief summaries of bills will appear when hovering over individual search results. Moreover, by clicking on the "Session" icon, you can read events scheduled for any given day, including committee hearings, floor sessions and other events at the capitol.

In other news, I want to wish all of my constituents born in the month of January a very Happy Birthday!

I look forward to continue serving the people in Senate District 7 and all Oregonians.  

Thank you,

James I. Manning Jr.
State Senator

Senator James I. Manning Jr represents North Eugene, West Eugene, Bethel, Santa Clara and Junction City in the Oregon State Senate.

He is currently serving in his second Legislative session.