The best investment we can make

Mark W. Meek

The Best Investment We Can Make

Dear Neighbors,

You've likely been hearing a lot about our state's budget - especially when it comes to education. After months of compromise and collaboration among the labor and business communities as well as legislative leaders, the Revenue Reform and Education Stability Act of 2017 was introduced, with hearings and public testimony taking place yesterday. 

It builds on previous proposals and would dedicate over one billion dollars every two years towards our classrooms by replacing our state's existing, outdated corporate income tax with a simpler, streamlined Commercial Activities Tax. Combined with significant cost containment measures, this plan will finally allow Oregon to make strategic new investments in our schools. You can read more about the details HERE.

Oregon has been facing years of painful cuts and uncertainty around school funding. With this proposal we can add days back to the school year, reduce class sizes, and restore educational programs that have been cut since the recession - including vocational and technical training. If we come together and commit to investing in our kids, then we can finally give them the education they deserve and build a brighter future for all Oregonians. 

Yours truly,


Mark Meek

State Representative - Oregon House District 40

Recap: Back-to-Back Town Halls

Over the past week I have participated in back-to-back town halls on school funding - one with my fellow North Clackamas legislators on Thursday June 8th, and another with Gladstone School District officials on Monday June 12th. 

town hall
TOP: June 8th town hall with fellow North Clackamas legislators Jeff Reardon, Ann Lininger, Karin Power, and Janelle Bynum BOTTOM: June 12th town hall with Gladstone Schools Superintendent Bob Stewart and educator Celeste Pellicci

I heard countless stories from parents, students, and others in our community about the positive impact that education has had in their lives - and why we must do better in Oregon.

I am more committed than ever to funding our schools by achieving meaningful revenue reform this session. Our kids can't wait.

In the Community

Recently I spoke at the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition's annual Military Employer Summit. For the past 8 years they've brought together hundreds of business executives, National Guard leaders, and elected officials to promote the hiring of reservists and veterans, as well as recognize the businesses that have shown a strong commitment to bringing these incredible individuals into their workforce. 

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On June 3rd I spoke at the Willamette Falls Legacy Project's celebration of their new riverwalk design. Upon completion, it will be a beautiful new addition to Oregon City's waterfront and promises to unlock public access to the falls in an unprecedented way.

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Upcoming Events

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Coffee & Conversation

Saturday, July 1st
9:00 AM
First City Central Marketplace & Bistro

 End-of-Session Town Hall

Thursday, July 13th
6:30 PM
Oregon City Public Library

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