Legislative Update 16

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Equal Pay Signing Ceremony

After both chambers of the Oregon Legislature passed the Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017, the bill was sent to the governor for her signature. Below are some photos of the ceremony for the bill. This legislation is vitally important to ensuring that employees are treated fairly and that businesses can be protected from unnecessary lawsuits. I am honored to be a sponsor of this landmark legislation.


Knopp speaking

Making Oregon's Medal of Honor Highway

highway 20

Last week, I carried House Bill 2100 which designates the Oregon portion of US Highway 20 as the ‘Oregon Medal of Honor Highway’. In addition to this designation, the bill allows the installation of signs honoring Oregon’s current and future Medal of Honor recipients. The bill has come to fruition in large part because of the hard work of Dick Tobiason, Bob Maxell, the Bend Heroes Foundation, and many others. It was a great honor to carry the bill on the Senate floor. Learn more here.

Protecting Survivors of Sexual Assault

A very important bill passed last week that will go a long way toward protecting victims of sexual assault in civil proceedings. The bill prevents the use of a victim’s sexual predisposition or past behavior unless the information is deemed relevant and the probative value of the evidence outweighs the danger of harm or unfair prejudice. One of the major reasons sexual assault goes unreported is the victim’s fear of shaming, retaliation, embarrassment, or guilt and by making this simple change we can give victims the breathing room they need to report crimes against them. To learn more, visit the bill's website.

100 years of Deschutes County


This week, House Concurrent Resolution 21 was passed by the Oregon Senate. The resolution commemorates the 100th year anniversary of Deschutes County. The resolution notes the history of Deschutes County, originally a part of Crook County, as it grew from roughly 5000 residents in 1916 to the fastest growing county in the state. Deschutes County is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family and I am honored to be a part of making it even better. To learn more about the resolution, visit the Oregon Legislative Information System

Remembering Heroic Service

Last week, the Senate passed House Concurrent Resolution 28 which honors Lieutenant Justin Joseph Wilkins and HCR 29 which honors Lance Corporal Randy Lee Newman. Both of these soldiers gave their lives to protect our nation and it was an honor to carry these resolutions to the Senate for approval. These brave young men served with honor and left behind many loved ones who undoubtedly miss them every day. You can read HCR 28 here and HCR 29 here

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