Week 14 Update

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Floating Trees at the Capitol...

Moving Trees

As part of a construction project at the Capitol, 4 trees on the grounds around the Capitol are being moved to better accommodate construction. The project is going to cost taxpayers $300,000. There is a lot of heavy equipment and activity outside our windows as you can see. 

Modernizing Brewery-Public House Regulations


The Oregon Senate approved House Bill 2160 last week on a 29-0 vote. The bill allows more flexibility for breweries and public houses to maintain more non-manufacturing locations. Currently, brewery-public houses are licensed to have one location where manufacturing, sales, and consumption can happen along with one location for holding and sales. HB 2160 will allow brewery-public houses to maintain another holding and sales location on top of the current number allowed. Before this newly passed legislation, brewery-public houses had to obtain costly, and redundant licensure in order to expand locations. This acted as a barrier to expanding and investing in new locations hurting job creation and growth in key Central Oregon industry. I sponsored a bill with the same concept this session and I am glad that our efforts to update the license have succeeded. You can learn more about the bill on the Oregon Legislative Information System(OLIS).

Thank you, Jason!

Jason Dudash

I would like to thank Jason Dudash of Corban University who was one of my interns for the session. He did a lot of good work here and I know he will continue to work hard and be successful in all his future endeavors. 

Safety for Criminal Justice Workers


Senate Bill 1025, which I helped sponsor, was passed last week on a 29-0 vote. The bill aims to give public safety and public health workers information about their exposure to communicable diseases if they are attacked on the job by an individual who may have a communicable disease. The bill creates a process for law enforcement officers, correctional facility officers, health care providers, and firefighters to petition a court to compel a test for communicable diseases on their attacker. Law enforcement and corrections work is incredibly difficult and stressful for employees and when individuals are attacked at work, the situation is only made worse if an attacker has a communicable disease that requires immediate treatment. Current law is inadequate in numerous ways and the bill requires the petitioner to request permission to test from the perpetrator before receiving a court order. To learn more about the bill, visit OLIS.

Constituents from United Food and Commercial Workers


It was great to meet with constituents from the United Food and Commercial Workers about predictive scheduling and employer/employee relations. Developing relationships with constituents and receiving their feedback is critical to being a quality legislator. 

Protecting Victims of Campus Violence

Another good bill that passed last week is House Bill 2972 which protects victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking. The bill prevents Oregon public and private universities from threatening or imposing punishments on victims to influence their decision to report or participate in investigations of an alleged sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking incident. I helped sponsor this legislation because it brings Oregon in-line with national best practices, advances trauma-informed policies, and encourages reporting of intimate partner violence. If you would like to learn more about the bill, visit OLIS.

A Visit from the Partnership for Safety and Justice


I had a wonderful time speaking with Ken Hales and Talia Gad from the Partnership for Safety and Justice. 

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