Hitting the half way mark


Hello Friends and Neighbors,

We have reached the half way point! With just about nine weeks left of the session, I'm working hard to keep up with the fast pace and moving full steam ahead!


This session has seen a plethora of bills go through. I am encouraged by the news of the amount of bi-partisan support on each bill that we work towards in this chamber. Each of the graphics shown here identify how much the House Democrats and Republicans have been working together for Oregonians.


Budget and revenue leaders in the Oregon House of Representatives have released a bold proposal to invest in Oregon’s education system by overhauling and modernizing the state’s outdated business tax structure. The plan is based on the tax reform framework presented to the Joint Tax Reform Committee. The Education Investment Initiative would raise more than $2 billion per biennium, with a minimum of 75% of those funds dedicated to education, from early childhood to college. In keeping with the Joint Tax Reform Committee framework, the proposal would scrap Oregon’s corporate income tax system and replace it with a new Commercial Activity Tax of 0.95% on a business’s sales in the state. This rate would only apply to companies with more than $5 million in Oregon sales; smaller firms would pay just $250. The proposal also includes $200 million in tax relief for low- and middle-income households. Combined with $400-$600 million per biennium in cost containment efforts, the Education Investment Initiative would allow Oregon to finally begin making strategic new investments in our schools and critical services. 

Mid-Session Review:

Before I was sworn in to office I spoke to many of you in person or at your door about my committed focus on education, job growth (CTE/Workforce Development), the environment, pay equity, senior care and reproductive health. I want to provide you with a sample of some of the bills that I have been working on Salem to match those commitments.


HB 3430 is a priority bill for me that I brought forward that can potentially have a significant impact on school funding - like $22,348,986 worth of impact!  There is approximately $595 million in unclaimed property in the State of Oregon. This bill would allow the money that is 25 years or older to be distributed through the Common School Fund to all 197 school districts. For the Hillsboro School District, this would mean approximately $800,000. Banks School District would receive approximately $43,000. Beaverton School District, would receive nearly $1.5 million. Although it is a fraction of what is truly needed for our schools, it is needed and it will be invested wisely right in to our classrooms.

CTE/Workforce Development

As a sponsor for HB 3437, I was happy to speak in favor of this bill during its vote on the floor on May 2 where it passed in the House. The bill would integrate and consolidate the Oregon Talent Council with the Oregon Workforce Investment Board to better streamline and identify needs in our skilled workforce. This is an opportunity to promote economic growth and address the gap in skilled talent. This is transformational work that can help with building a strong workforce pipeline in our future.


As a sponsor of HB 2711, I was proud to vote in favor of a moratorium, or temporary prohibition of, hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas exploration and production until December 31, 2027. Encouraging a shift toward more renewable and less environmentally damaging forms of energy is an important step toward promoting a more sustainable future.

Pay Equity

I was a proud sponsor of HB 2005 because ensuring that people are paid a fair wage based on their skill and not their gender is important to me and to our community. I loved the chance to carry the voices from Mrs. Jones’ 4th grade students from Quatama Elementary to the floor on this important issue for them. 

Senior Care

I sponsored HB 3359, which is an important bill for our senior community. It prevents elder abuse and ensures that residential care that is provided to seniors meets quality standards. The importance of treating the seniors of our community with respect and dignity is non-negotiable. 

Reproductive Health

I have always shared the belief that affordable and accessible healthcare is a right for all and should not be a privilege for some. Continuing this advocacy, I sponsored HB 3391. This bill ensures that all Oregonian have access to the full range of reproductive health services, and that women can make their own health care decisions.


On Wednesday April 26th, I met with a group of FPP (Family Preservation Project) alumni members whose work with YWCA is aimed at helping change and reduce the consequences of parental incarceration on children, families, and the community. The main impacts of this project on the community are that fewer children are being placed into foster care, incarcerated mothers (parents) are less likely to reoffend crimes, and children of participants are more likely to thrive academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally! A legislative priority of the Family Preservation Project, SB 241, the Bill of Rights for Children of Incarcerated Parents, aims to ensure that children of incarcerated parents have the basic rights that they deserve. These rights include basic protection rights of the child, access to local services and programs that benefit the overall well-being of the child, and the right to a lifelong relationship with the incarcerated parent. This is a fitting bill in a time where the legislature is prioritizing justice reinvestment, and I am pleased to witness organizations in the community that are working to help individuals smoothly transition back to life with their families and community after incarceration.

Get Involved

  • Help support our community by volunteering with the Oregon Food bank! Learn more about their volunteer opportunities by following this link herehttps://www.oregonfoodbank.org/get-involved/volunteer/
  • Protecting our youth is a priority I know our community holds dear. Safe Oregon is an organization that prioritizes creating safe spaces for our students. Please learn more about this service by visiting their webpage here: http://safeoregon.com/ and encourage your school district to sign on to this important service.

Upcoming Events

Thank you all for your support and for reaching out about important issues across the board. Your messages, letters, phone calls and visits are all so important to me. Each opportunity to hear about what is important to each of you is a chance for me to represent our community the best way possible. Thank you.

Onward & Upward,


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