Week 12 - First Legislative Session Deadline Passed

David Brock Smith

First Legislative Session Deadline Passes Today, 27 Chief Sponsored Bills Move Forward


Hello Friends,

Today was the first major deadline for this legislative session.  Any bill that did not receive a hearing and work session, and subsequently did not move out of committee by today, is considered dead.  This, my first session as your State Representative, I Chief Sponsored 40 bills. 27 of these bills have received work sessions and have moved out of committee, or are in a committee not subject to today's deadline (Revenue, Rules or Ways and Means).  That makes over 67% of the bills that have made it past this deadline. 

I am grateful to my Chief of Staff Shelia Megson and my Legislative Director Mark Miller, for all of their amazing work in keeping the legislation and me straight, as I draft amendments and other language through this process. 

I am also grateful to my committee Chairs and committee Members. We have named District 1, "Southwest Oregon's Fish, Farm and Forestry District, and many of my bills (12) were in the House Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources. I want to thank Representative Clem, Ag & Nat Comm. Chair, for all of his great work and support. I would also like to thank House Committee on Economic Development & Trade Chair, Representative Lininger, for all of her assistance and support. (I am the Vice Chair of the House Committee on Economic Development & Trade) I also appreciate all of Human Services & Housing Committee Chair, Representative Keny-Guyer for her help and support. I also, and equally important, appreciate the support from my colleagues in committee for all of their great work and support. I am grateful for our bipartisan work on this legislation, and I look forward to our continued work as these bills move through committee to the floor. I also look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate as they consider my bills in their committees. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Republican Leader McLane for all of his support & guidance, and Speaker Kotek for her assistance with this legislation. A big thank you to their staff as well, who also offered a great amount of assistance. 

A complete list of the bills and a description are listed below followed by a break-down of where the bills are in the legislative process. There are hyperlinks to the legislation on the bill number and I would appreciate your support. 


HB 2038 A


Modifies purposes for which school districts may receive grants to pay for costs incurred by school districts to purchase food produced or processed in state.


HB 2363


Authorizes counties to withhold from taxing districts costs to county of assessing property and collecting property taxes.


HB 2371


Specifies that, for purposes of statutes regulating seeds, agricultural hemp seed is flower seed.


HB 2372


Establishes Oregon Industrial Hemp Commission.


HB 2376


Requires Governor to certify to United States Secretary of Commerce that terms of national marine sanctuary located within seaward boundary of Oregon are unacceptable unless Legislative Assembly confirms designation.


HB 2377


Authorizes city or county to adopt ordinance or resolution granting exemption for newly rehabilitated or constructed multiunit rental housing.


HB 2499



Establishes process for vessel permit seller to petition for preliminary injunction allowing seller to continue to fish under vessel permit during pendency of proceeding concerning claim that buyer failed to fulfill terms of vessel permit sale.


HB 2500 A


Directs Department of Human Services, in consultation with Department of Justice, to develop and implement training and continuing education curriculum for caseworkers that informs and instructs caseworkers on their roles in juvenile dependency proceedings.


HB 2730



Makes form and style changes to statute regarding farm land and golf courses.


HB 2900


Authorizes ports to advertise activities of port and activities of others using port facilities.


HB 3012



Permits owner of lot or parcel of at least two acres zoned for rural residential uses to construct new single-family dwelling on lot or parcel if owner converts existing historic home to accessory dwelling unit.


HB 3147


Requires State Fish and Wildlife Director to, before appointing Oregon Hatchery Research Center Board members, consult with organizations that represent certain interests and take into consideration nominations or recommendations received in course of consultation.


HB 3149



Requires development of plan for Oregon Coast Trail.


HB 3150


Allocates $2,100,000 of lottery revenue to Oregon Business Development Department to be used to issue grants or loans in support of redevelopment of Port of Port Orford Cannery.


HB 3151


Appropriates moneys to State Forestry Department for 2017-2019 biennium to carry out integrated pest management program to combat Sudden Oak Death.


HB 3152


Directs Oregon Business Development Department to issue loans or grants to Curry County to construct training facility for public safety personnel.


HB 3155



Establishes Task Force on Use of Surplus Public Lands for Housing.


HB 3193


Repeals Department of State Lands leasing requirements for kelp harvesting.


HB 3374


Provides grants to certain counties that received Secure Rural Schools Program payments if voters of county approve local option levy or bond levy.


HB 3430



Provides that Department of State Lands shall distribute certain moneys that have been in Common School Fund Account for 25 years or more.


HB 3432


Makes permissive rather than mandatory provision that noncompliant survey map that is not corrected by surveyor and returned to county surveyor within 30 days be forwarded by county surveyor to State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying for action.


HB 3435



Authorizes moneys in county road fund to be loaned to taxing district within county only pursuant to legally binding intergovernmental agreement or loan agreement.




Celebrates 50th anniversary of Oregon's Beach Bill.


HJM 11


Urges President and Congress to pursue Oregon and California Railroad grant land management reforms.


HJR 18


Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to require two-thirds majority vote in favor in each chamber of Legislative Assembly to pass bills declaring emergency.


SB 646


Authorizes issuance of lottery bonds for purpose of repairing and improving docks, marine infrastructure and facilities owned by Port of Brookings-Harbor.


SB 867 A


Creates Task Force on Maritime Sector Workforce Development.


Surviving Bills still being worked:
HB 2038 – Now in Ways & Means
HB 2363 - Revenue
HB 2371 - Ways & Means
HB 2372 - Ways & Means
HB 2376 - Rules
HB 2377 - Now in House Revenue
HB 2499 – Waiting 3rd Reading on House Floor
HB 2500 – Waiting 3rd Reading on House Floor
HB 2730 - Waiting 3rd Reading on House Floor
HB 2900 – Passed floor (59-0), now in Senate
HB 3012 - Waiting 3rd Reading on House Floor
HB 3147 – Waiting 3rd Reading on House Floor
HB 3149 – Now in Ways & Means
HB 3150 – Now in Ways & Means
HB 3151 – Now in Ways & Means
HB 3152 – Now in Ways & Means
HB 3155 - Waiting 3rd Reading on House Floor
HB 3193 - Waiting 3rd Reading on House Floor
HB 3374 - Now in House Revenue
HB 3430 - Revenue
HB 3432 - Waiting 3rd Reading on House Floor
HB 3435 - Revenue
HCR 8 – Passed floor (58-0), now in Senate
HJM 11 - Now in House Rules
HJR 18 - Rules
SB 646 – Now in Ways & Means
SB 867 – Waiting 3rd reading on Senate Floor


Although we are past this first major hurdle through the process, there is much work still to be done on this legislation. I look forward to working with the Committee Chairs and Members on further refinements if needed of these bills and others, for my residents of House District 1 and the people of Oregon.  

It is is honor and privilege to work for you as your State Representative. Thank you for the opportunity and Gold Bless. 


Yours truly,

Representative David Brock Smith


Representative David Brock Smith

House District 1
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