Gun-Grabbers in Salem or Firearm Safety?

Dennis Linthicum

Gun-Grabbers in Salem or Firearm Safety?


Why did Trump win most of the rural counties across Oregon and the US?

From the map, we can see the election results. Trump won the rural/red counties comprising most of the US and Oregon, while the blue cities went to Hillary, centered in the Northwest around Portland and the Tri-County metro-area. (Click image to enlarge interactive map) 

It should be obvious that rural and metro areas are different.

Naturally, the larger populations in the cities means more effort is required in regulating people, traffic and behaviors. But, the nanny-state mentality has had a profoundly negative effect on societal norms. Every little problem gets directed to the state. People don't solve their own problems rather they rely on someone else to do it – someone from the state. In turn, civic responsibility is weakened while the quality of community and family-life is being eroded.

The rule-makers and societal organizers don’t seem to recognize that one size won't fit all. The standards have become so detailed, intricate and complex they no longer address universal truth. Instead, they serve special interests. Because of this, those who work in the state’s bureaucracy are giving their all, but the system is not serving the people it is supposed to serve.

This metro/rural divide is bubbling to the surface in my Judiciary Committee. Control is being sought over every-aspect of our lives – cigarettes, wood-stoves, left-lane driving, dogs in the pickup, dogs in the cab, lane-splitting for motorcycles, and our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms.  These proposed laws are said to be “necessary” as safety measures – the safety of our children, family, friends, dogs, cats, animals, insects, trees, and mother earth.

Since "control" is the watchword in the city, it is only natural that our city neighbors believe every person within your sphere of influence requires protection from your firearms. So…

Gun-Grabber Day will be next Monday, April 17

Several bills on Monday will focus on a myriad of issues regarding possession, personal management, buying and selling firearms. If you value your firearms and your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, then please get involved.

(Click here for Location and Agenda)

Send an email to every Democrat in the House and Senate. Phone every Democrat in the House and Senate. The pro-2nd Amendment Republicans are in the minority and we will need a few Democrats to vote with us in order to stop these bill.

Light up their phones and clog their inboxes with emails, otherwise there is great potential that we will slowly lose our legal protections regarding our Constitutional Rights.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.
It is argument of tyrants.
It is the creed of slaves." 
— William Pitt, in the House of Commons - November 18, 1783



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