Pay Equity, Housing, and Education

Representative Smith Warner

Pay Equity, Housing, Education, and More

Friends and Neighbors,

Five days after Portland became an official Sanctuary City, Francisco J. Rodriguez Dominguez was detained without a warrant by Immigration authorities. A participant in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), Francisco has lived in Portland since he was 5 years old and is deeply involved in his community. Upon his detainment a call to action went out through friends, family, and activist networks, urging people to call ICE and demand Francisco’s release. On Monday, Francisco was happily released on bond back to his family. While the conclusion of this story is happy, many others result in the tragic involuntary separation of parents and children, families and friends.

Oregon must continue to back up our Sanctuary Status with vigilant and demonstrated dedication to Portland’s immigrant community. Please reach out to my office if you or anyone you know has had negative interactions with ICE or other Federal immigration agencies. I would be happy to help in whatever way I can to help make Portland a place that is vibrant, welcoming, and safe.

Constituent Coffee

Town Hall March

Thank you to all who attended my Constituent Coffee on March 25th, and to the Russellville Grange in Parkrose for hosting the event. Education funding largely took center stage as a major concern, with people sharing their stories and experiences in public schools. I continue to put Oregon’s students first and will fight to fix our revenue system to fund education and set up our kids for success.  I hope to have another event sometime in May, so please stay tuned if you would like to attend in the future.

Legislative Updates

Pay Equity, HB 2005A

Pay Equity passed the House after a long period of discussion on March 28th and will now be considered by the Senate. This bill works to ensure pay equity for every Oregonian regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, marriage status or disability, because every Oregonian deserves equal pay for equal work. It also includes a stipulation that employers may not ask about job candidate’s previous salaries, which is a system that has previously perpetuated pay inequities. Modeled after bills in Massachusetts and California, when HB 2005 passes it will be one of the strongest in the nation.

I was proud to cast a ‘yes’ vote for this bill, and thank all of my colleagues for sharing their insights on the need for equity in the workplace. I look forward to monitoring its path as it moves toward passage in the Senate. 

Housing, HB 2004A - Passed Today!

This bill was worked extensively to get the version that was passed off of the House Floor earlier today.  This amended bill, among other aspects, would eliminate no cause evictions after the first six months of tenancy, lift the statewide preemption on rent stabilization, and require one month’s relocation assistance to be covered by the landlord, with some exceptions for landlords with small numbers of properties. 

I am a sponsor of this bill because I have heard extensively from my constituents and colleagues about the statewide impacts that the affordable housing crisis has on families, low-wage workers, students, seniors, and communities of color. It has become increasingly clear that the legislature needs to take action, and I believe that HB 2004 offers important tools and protections for Oregon’s renters while still being considerate of the needs of small landlords. I look forward to the upcoming vote, and hopeful passage, of this bill in the Senate.

Revenue, Corporate Transparency

I continue to hear a consistent message that my constituents want to raise revenue to fund Oregon’s education, healthcare, public safety, transportation, and environmental priorities. Thank you for reaching out to me, and I encourage you to continue this outreach to your representatives at all levels of government. Further, please continue this conversation with your family and friends across the state to make sure that all Representatives and Senators in Salem receive this message loud and clear from their constituents.

The House Revenue committee is still working on corporate tax approaches, hearing public testimony, and considering how best to make targeted spending cuts while reforming our broken revenue system.


The Joint Committee on Transportation, Preservation, and Modernization completed its first round of workgroup proposal presentations this past week. The workgroup I am a part of focused on Traffic Congestion and Freight Mobility, and we presented a proposal that discussed the most pressing congestion pathways in Oregon, most notably the I-5 freeway and Rose Quarter region. With many proposals on the table, the committee now will begin the nitty-gritty process of fine-tuning these ideas into a policy package. I continue to maintain that we cannot pave our way out of the problems that we now face, and that the transportation package must be innovate, multimodal, and environmentally responsible.

Oil Trains

We had public hearings for my Oil Train Safety Bill, HB 2131, on March 13th and 15th. They were very well attended and included the Senate President, tribal officials, city councilors, environmental activists, outdoorspeople, railroads, and relevant state agencies. I look forward to continue moving this bill forward through the legislative process in the coming weeks.



Representative Barbara Smith Warner
House District 45

email: I phone: 503-986-1445
address: 900 Court St NE, H-487, Salem, OR 97301