Saddling up for Spring


Hello Friends and Neighbors,

Spring Break is right around the corner and thousands will head out in search of some great family fun. I want to encourage you all to get out and see the beauty of Oregon’s outdoors with nearly 200 state parks, recreation sites, natural areas, and more. Just remember, whether heading to the mountains or heading to one of our beaches, stay safe and enjoy.


On March 13, it was my pleasure to participate in a bipartisan press conference with fellow representatives and senators to support the implementation of Measure 98. I spoke on the importance of supporting multiple pathways for students, whether that path leads to a four year college, community college, trade school or directly to a career. I was also very interested to hear Oregon students share the successes and challenges they have faced in their education. Ensuring that we get Measure 98 rolled out is of great importance to me in this 2017 legislative session.

forward stride

I was happy to have HB 2723 pass on the House floor last week and was even more honored that the following weekend, I was able to witness a demonstration of equine therapy at Forward Stride. As an international, premier accredited therapeutic equestrian center, Forward Stride was an instrumental part to the passing of this bill. Watching this program in action reaffirmed my belief that the work we put in to HB 2723 was well placed. I was honored to see first-hand how this therapy has benefited patients as young as 2 years old and watch a family’s reaction to the therapy in person. It was heartwarming to see that while a 2-year-old boy was doing his therapy, his twin sister cheered him on with every accomplishment. It proved that this tool for therapists can not only make a difference in their patient’s lives, but the lives of their families as well.

Last week, I was excited to co-sponsor HB 2673, spearheaded by Rep. Rob Nosse. This bill streamlines the process for transgender Oregonians to legally change their gender so it matches who they truly are. It makes the process more accessible and safer so that only the people directly involved are allowed access to the information. Supporting this piece of legislation was an important step for Oregon to create a more inclusive community.

Get Involved

  • Need something to do with your family and friends this spring break? Take advantage of volunteer opportunities with the City of Hillsboro!
  • May 16th is the 2017 Washington County Special Elections! You can register here! Be sure to get out and vote! 
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I want to thank you for following along with me on this journey. Whether subscribing to this newsletter, visiting the office, or reaching out about the many important issues close to your hearts, your involvement is a crucial part of the political process. I can’t wait to see the good we can continue to do as we work together for solutions to the issues we face here in Oregon.

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