Do We Need More Gun Laws?

E. Werner Reschke

More Gun Laws? Really?!?

In a time when the State of Oregon faces a budget with an estimated cost-overrun of $1.8 billion, when Oregon public schools rank near the bottom of the class compared to the other 49 States, when uncertainty exists about adequate funding for roads, bridges and public safety — Democrats are focusing time and energy on legislation that further erodes your gun rights.

Senate Bill 797 claims to fix two important loopholes in current law: First, the so-called “Boyfriend” loophole and second, the “Charleston” Loophole. I love how Democrats use language to obfuscate what is really going on by using the word “Loophole”. The way they describe this bill it sounds like someone is getting away with something that they shouldn’t. Do not be fooled.

The proposed boyfriend loophole would prevent an abusive boyfriend from owning a gun. This sounds like a good thing on the surface. However, first and foremost, if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please seek help and get out. Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline ( or call 1-800-799-7233. No one should suffer an abusive relationship.

Democrats think if they take guns away that magically the abusive boyfriend will stop their abuse. Unfortunately, this is not how abusers operate. Gun or no gun, abusers will continue to abuse. Moreover, Oregon statute already addresses this issue. An abuser loses their gun rights when a court-ordered restraining order is placed against them. We do not need an additional law. During my eight months of campaigning I do not recall anyone saying, “Mr. Reschke, please create more restrictive laws and rules for us to follow.” This boyfriend loophole fix does nothing to provide additional safety. It falsely makes Democrats sound like they really care.

The second item Senate Bill 797 tries to fix is background checks. Currently, if the State of Oregon cannot process your background check within three days, the gun sale moves forward. Rather than address the real problem, which is an inefficient background checking process, the Democrats want to infringe on the constitutional right-to-bear-arms by delaying the sale of the gun — which could be indefinitely. Let me say it a different way, this law encourages government to be inefficient. Senate Bill 797 is a fluff bill that masquerades around as something that will protect abuse victims and increase pubic safety. Not true, it will do neither of those things. Furthermore, it is a distraction from the important issue in the state of Oregon. The Democrats do not want you thinking about Oregon’s $1.8 billion cost-overrun.

Rather than penalizing bureaucrats, your Second Amendment Rights are infringed upon with Senate Bill 797. Democrats as a majority party are not friendly to gun owners. The bottom-line result: Senate Bill 797 provides incentive for the State to remain slow and inefficient in a guise of public safety, instead of improving the gun background check process. We all know the golden rule of gun ownership: “Those who control the guns, control all.”

Your Liberty First,


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