Legislative Update for Week One

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Tim Knopp

Week One Legislative Update

The 79th Oregon Legislative Session is underway with the first floor session happening on February 1st. The session has already been characterized by many as one that will be marred with conflict and potentially crisis. Instead, I think that this session will provide legislators and the citizens of our great state an opportunity to solve the major issues that are hurting Oregonians. Oregon is facing significant obstacles to budgetary sustainability, rebuilding the middle class, and educational excellence, and I am working hard to be a part of the solutions that will make the lives of every Oregonian better.

Public Employee Retirement System

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The Senate Workforce Committee, of which I am vice-chair, has already held its first informational hearing on the Public Employee Retirement System and we will hear more from them in coming weeks as we look for ways to address increasing budget pressure from PERS in a fair, legal, and efficacious manner. PERS has a significant impact on the money available for education, public safety, and other government services. While the Oregon Supreme Court has overturned some of the previous PERS ‘fixes’, we have been working closely with legal experts and PERS administrators to find solutions that will pass legal muster while creating significant savings to free up resources for services that have faced damaging resource constraints. The Oregonian ran an article last week detailing the desire of legislators to tackle the PERS issue. It is important for folks from every walk of life and on both sides of the political aisle to come together to solve this crisis because the future of our state is at stake. 

Stopping Human Trafficking

Earlier this month, we observed Human Trafficking Awareness Day which is meant to raise awareness of the scale and impact of human trafficking in the United States. I am proud of the work that we have done here in Oregon to increase the availability of information about human trafficking and to craft legislative solutions to stopping women and children from becoming victims of this terrible trade. Nita Belles of Bend, who runs In Our Backyard a non-profit tasked with ending human trafficking, has worked tirelessly with me and other legislators to develop legislation to combat the trafficking of human beings. This year, Nita has been working with Sen. Bill Hansell to develop legislation(SB 375) that will place human trafficking information in Oregon’s rest areas in order to provide travelers and truck drivers with the information and resources they need to identify and report instances of suspected trafficking. Nita has also been working on site at the Super Bowl venue with hundreds of others to help stop trafficking that has been associated with the event.

Dementia Care

Dementia Care Studies

On Jan. 31st, I attended the Oregon Health Care Association’s Quality Summit on Advancing Quality Dementia Care. The summit focused on improving caregiving, treatment, and patient quality of life. It was great to meet with folks to learn more about what we can do as legislators to improve the lives of families impacted by Dementia.

Head Start

It was great to meet with folks from Head Start in Central Oregon. It is always powerful to meet with folks that are passionate about improving the lives of others, especially children. 

Head Start Fam

Privacy Rights

This session, I have introduced legislation that will require law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant in order to track individuals cell phones with few exceptions. Senate Bill 571 addresses the use of cell-site simulators which mimic cellular phone towers and are used to obtain location data and other identifying information without the consent. 13 states have similar laws and 6 others are considering adopting laws protecting citizens from unwarranted use of cell-site simulators. I am committed to protecting the 4th Amendment privacy rights of Oregonians who should not be subject to unreasonable searches and seizures of their personal information and devices. Currently, Oregon law is outdated and does not take into account the rapid changes in technology that have occurred and will continue to occur. 

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Senator Tim Knopp 
Senate District 27

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