Special Aligned Message - Executive Summary of the 25-27 Updated IG

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Special Aligned Message - Executive Summary of the 25-27 Updated IG

Executive Summary of the 25-27 Updated Integrated Guidance

First, we want to acknowledge the work of district and school leaders, YCEPs and JDEPs, education service districts, and other partners to accomplish the integration of six programs during the 2023-25 biennium. It has taken many hours of your engagement, learning and strategic planning to make this work possible.

This updated Integrated Guidance will replace the previous Integrated Guidance that was released in the Winter of 2022. Over the past several months, our team has spent time reflecting, listening, and gathering feedback in a variety of ways to better partner in this process. Many adjustments were made to the application, the planning process, and the review of applications based on the feedback received.

Here are a few highlights you’ll see in the updated Integrated Guidance: 

Changes to the Application

  • Adjusted the application window from 30 days to 60 days (March 1-April 30)
  • Embedded the Early Literacy Success School District Grant and Career Connected Learning
  • Pre-Populated many application answers with 23-25 responses so applicants can update content rather than repeat content
  • Adjusted application templates and questions, including considerations for our small and rural school districts under 1650 ADMw
  • Improved resources for the Integrated Needs Assessment and Tribal Consultation
  • Increased representation of charter schools in applications where they are applying with their sponsoring district

Changes to the Review Process

  • Shifted the Integrated Planning and Budget Template (IPBT) to a Smartsheet to reduce errors and back and forth between ODE and grantees
  • Simplified the evaluation criteria to create deeper calibration among reviewers
  • Revised the Quality Assurance and Learning Panel (QALP) process to reduce delays in application approval

Program Updates

  • Changed High School Success (HSS) to a disbursement model to align with SIA and Early Literacy
  • Connected the Integrated Application process to the work of District Equity Committees
  • Added a new requirement under SIA for grantees to review Statewide Student Success Act Plans
  • Reduced the frequency of narratives in the quarterly report

New Appendices

  • Integrated Needs Assessment Tool
  • Application Evaluation Criteria
  • Supporting Small and Rural School Districts
  • Supporting CTE Direct Perkins Recipients 
  • Supporting CTE Regional Consortia Members
  • Additional Guidance for Federal School Improvement Identified Districts (with CSI/TSI schools)
  • Board Requirements
  • Actionable Inputs from the Student Success Plans into District Planning 


Next week, the full updated Integrated Guidance will be released, replacing the previous guidance. We look forward to partnering with you through your planning and implementation process to better support the well-being, health, climate, quality of instruction, and outcomes for each student in Oregon. 

Thank you for helping us realize this vision and for continuously improving our process.