Aligning for Student Success - March Message

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Aligning for Student Success - March Message

Our team recognizes this is a busy stretch for many schools and districts, especially as you’re in the midst of budget season and preparing for spring break. With that in mind, we’re offering just a few updates in this month’s message, which include:

  1. Integrated Programs Spend and Claim by Dates
  2. An Update on Early Literacy Success School District Grants
  3. COSA Multilingual and English Learner Conference Sessions
  4. Renewed Centering Health and Well-being in Education Resource

Given spring break is that last week in March for many schools and districts, we’ll be releasing the next regular aligned message the first week in April.

Integrated Programs Spend and Claim by Dates

Our team has brought programs together operationally as best as we can and although integrated, there are some pieces such as spending and claiming dates that remain program specific. Below you will find spend and claim by dates for all programs to support you as best as possible in your implementation and financial stewardship of these funds.  

2023-24 Student Investment Account (SIA)                                                              

  • Spending Period: 7/1/23 to 9/30/24
  • Spend by: 9/30/24
  • Claim by: 6/30/24 (Due to SIA being a disbursement grant, 100% Funds must be claimed to spend through 9/30/24)

2023-24 Early Indicator and Intervention System (EIIS)                                  

  • Spending Period: 7/1/23 to 6/30/24
  • Spend by: 6/30/24
  • Claim by: 8/14/24

2023-24 High School Success (HSS)                                                         

  • Spending Period: 7/1/23 to 8/31/25
  • Spend by: 8/31/25*
  • Claim by: 10/15/25

*Our office is currently in the process of a rule change to align the spending deadline with SIA. We anticipate adoption of the rule change in April 2024. 

2022-23 Federal School Improvement (2022-23 Identification for CSI/TSI, Funding in 2023-24)                     

  • Spending Period: 7/1/23 to 9/30/24
  • Spend by: 9/30/24
  • Claim by: 11/15/24

2023-24 Early Literacy Success School District Grants (ELSSDG)

  • Spending Period: 10/1/23 to 9/30/25
  • Spend by: 9/30/25
  • Claim by: 6/30/24 (Due to Early Literacy being a disbursement grant, 100% Funds for year one must be claimed to spend through 9/30/25)

An Update on Early Literacy Success School District Grants

We are excited to share that the 2023-25 Early Literacy Success School District Grants (ELSSDG) are ready to be released to applicants whose applications have met requirements, beginning on 3/1/24. Once ELSSDG grant agreements are signed and returned, our team is committed to verifying and releasing funds promptly. Please note, ELSSDG is a disbursement grant. As such, you will be able to submit a claim for 65% of your 2023-24 allocation.

COSA Multilingual and English Learner Conference Sessions

Join us at the COSA Multilingual & English Learners Conference taking place at the Graduate Eugene from March 6-8th! Our team will be involved in a few sessions: 

  • Equitable Resource Allocation to Support Multilingual Learners: Building the capacity to strategically budget for Multilingual and English Learners is critical and has numerous policy and budget mechanisms that determine the level of funding available. Join us to learn into how partners within school systems can be informed and empowered to participate in budget planning processes for funding streams. 
  • Building Capacity to Support Recently Arrived Students through a Trauma Informed Lens: This workshop will provide participants with shared language around trauma and trauma-informed practices that support newcomers and recently arrived students through workshopping, self reflection, and identifying practices that may support students by focusing on student’s lived experience and the radical shifts to their environment, language, and the culture.

Renewed Centering Health and Well-being in Education Resource

ODE in collaboration with OHA recently renewed the Centering Health and Well-Being in Education resource, which aims to provide schools and districts with support in identifying potential partnerships and funding opportunities that develop and sustain health and wellness initiatives. We encourage you to dig into this resource as you begin planning for next year. 

Important Dates and Action Items

Career and Technical Education - Perkins V

  • April 10-12, 2024: Oregon Association of Career and Technical Education (ORACTE) Annual Conference, Portland
  • April 30, 2024: Quarter 3 Perkins Report for all 

Early Indicator and Intervention Systems

EIIS Monthly Office Hours

Join EIIS monthly office hours with staff to discuss your questions about your student success system, share ideas and review resources. 

Reminder: The Required Monthly Submission and Reporting Calendar lists all required school district submissions for the 2023-24 school year.

Program Specific Updates

Career and Technical Education - Perkins V

Oregon’s CTE State Plan 2024-2027 is now open for public comment. Our team presented this plan to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission on February 9 and the State Board of Education on February 15. To learn more about the plan, we encourage you attend a public hearing:  

Every Day Matters

2023-25 Integrated Community Partnership Grant

The 2023-25 Integrated Community Partnership Grant focuses on funding community-centered approaches to address the root causes of chronic absenteeism. Out of the 55 applications received, our team is pleased to announce the following 16 applicants (with their regions listed) were chosen to receive this grant. Each of these applicants identified the aim of removing barriers to attendance and engagement, while simultaneously building systemic supports for students and families to improve attendance and engagement. 

  1. Todos Juntos, Clackamas ESD
  2. Douglas ESD
  3. Grant County ESD
  4. Better Together Central Oregon, High Desert ESD
  5. Boys & Girls Club of Bend, High Desert ESD
  6. Riverview Center for Growth, Lane ESD
  7. Jackson Street Youth Services, Linn Benton Lincoln ESD
  8. Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis, Linn Benton Lincoln ESD
  9. Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Treasure Valley, Malheur ESD
  10. Black Parent Initiative (BPI), Multnomah ESD
  11. Triple Threat Mentoring, Multnomah ESD
  12. The Shadow Project, Multnomah ESD
  13. The Crest & Vesper Meadows, Southern Oregon ESD
  14. Klamath Promise Youth Attendance Taskforce (YAT), Southern Oregon ESD
  15. Willamette ESD
  16. Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Willamette ESD

We are so excited about the high level of interest that was shown for this grant and are eagerly anticipating our work with the selected grantees. We hope to be able to expand this work in the future and encourage applicants who were not selected to consider applying in the future!

Federal School Improvement (formerly ESSA Partnerships)

All schools designated for CSI or TSI must develop and submit a school level improvement plan to ODE in alignment with processes and structures in place for the Integrated Guidance and Plans, before September 30, 2024. We recognize that many schools may already have school plans, and we encourage you to look to those plans in order to address the requirements explained in the guidance. Building leaders should work with district staff in order to draw connections to the District’s Integrated Plan and Budget. Guidance and templates for school-level plans can be found on our website, under the “Program Resources” section ( lower right hand column).

High School Success

New Data Brief Released! Extracurricular Participation and Barriers

ODE is pleased to announce the publication of a new data brief, examining data from the Student Educational Equity Development (SEED) survey around extracurricular access, participation, and barriers. The data brief presents quantitative data on the relationship between extracurricular participation and increased engagement, belonging, and attendance, alongside qualitative data examining reported student barriers to participating in extracurricular activities. This brief is part of a series of SEED briefs; the previous brief in the series examines student responses to another open-ended SEED item.

Student Investment Account

Student Investment Account Legislative Report Update

On February 1, OEII submitted the Student Investment Account Legislative Report to the 2024 Legislature. The Annual Report provides an update on SIA program implementation, investment of resources, and continued analysis of impact of investments. The report also details ongoing work to support alignment of programs under the Integrated Guidance. 

Highlighted Resources for the Month

Updated Northwest Regional Data Dashboard

As a reminder, the dashboard is a great resource for districts as you engage with your community. The dashboard has been updated with the most recent Fall membership data. Specifically, you will find the enrollment changes and demographic trends by race over the last 4 years in every district in Oregon. 

Centering Health and Well-Being in Education Updates and Resources

The Centering Health and Well-Being in Education webinar series is almost over. We have had over 100 attendees from over 25 districts and ESDs across the state and about 25 staff from community based organizations. Thus far, the webinar series has focused on partnerships that support a grow your own pilot, mentoring, care coordination, suicide prevention, advancing health related careers through CTE in partnership with public health and public health specialists in schools. The webinar on March 6 is an overview of a statewide Community Care Demonstration project through ODE, we hope to see you there!

Upcoming National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement

Join the inaugural National Assembly for Family Engagement in Education on October 21-25, 2024. The 2024 National Assembly will take place in Denver, Colorado, bringing together for the first time educators, families, community leaders, engagement specialists, and policy professionals in the name of student success within the entire family and community engagement field. Visit for more information and/or to register. 

Career and Technical Education - Perkins V