Aligning for Student Success - January Message

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Aligning for Student Success - January Message

Welcome to 2024! Our office offers the following updates to support a strong start to the new calendar year. 

In this month’s message, you’ll find information about:

  1. Quarter 2 Reporting Update, Clarity on Board Minutes, and EGMS Claims for Integrated Programs 
  2. Sessions at Upcoming January Conferences
  3. New Office Hours This Week For Early Literacy Success Initiative School District Application! 
  4. Reminder: Contact Updates for Integrated Programs 

Quarter 2 Integrated Program Update, Clarity on Board Minutes, and EGMS Claims for Integrated Programs 

Quarter 2 Reporting dates have changed for 2023-24! We are adjusting our reporting window by one month. Quarter 2 Integrated Reports will open February 1, 2024 and due February 29, 2024. We hope this will provide space for you to navigate the many grant deliverables occurring during this time of year. More information to come on Quarter 2 Reporting Requirements in the February message.

Quarter 1 Integrated Reports will be locked to edits on January 19, 2024, so please download a copy for your records.

Board Minutes: We understand that there are many Board Minute requirements right now, which can be a lot to track! More clarity on Board Requirements attached to different grant deliverables is below:

  • SIA Grant Agreement (required before funds can be released in EGMS): Board minutes showing that your 2023-24 Grant Agreement (including LPGTs) was presented and approved at an open board meeting, with opportunity for public comment. 
  • SIA Annual Report (Due 11/30/23 with your SIA Q4 and Annual Report for 2022-23): Board minutes showing oral presentation of the Annual Report. Please note this is more than just a financial update, and should include progress made toward outcomes within your SIA plan.
  • Early Literacy Application (Due with submission of your application): Board Minutes showing presentation of your Early Literacy Application. 
  • Financial Audit Report (Due 2/29/24 with your Integrated Quarter 2 Report): Board Minutes showing presentation of your Financial Audit Report. Note: There is no additional requirement for the presentation to be SIA specific. Discretion remains with the auditors to present on findings relevant to SIA funding.

EGMS Claims: 

SIA is a disbursement grant and as of January 1, 2024, you can claim up to 75% of your funds if you have an executed SIA Grant Agreement. 

HSS, EIIS, and Federal School Improvement (CSI/TSI) subgrants are reimbursement grants and claims can be submitted at any time once you have an executed grant agreement.

Sessions at Upcoming January Conferences 

Our office will be hosting a few sessions at different conferences in January. On January 15, we will join youth from the Gresham Barlow School District, who will facilitate a panel on student agency and empowerment in their education at the 2024 Student with Purpose Conference.

On January 26, we will facilitate Building Strong Attendance Systems at the 2024 OACOA/OASE Winter Conference, which will focus on improving attendance through the use of a systems overview diagnostic tool. We hope you will be able to join these sessions! 

New Office Hours This Week For Early Literacy Success Initiative School District Application!

On January 2, ODE shared a message with key Early Literacy updates for the school district grant applications, including a reminder of the application deadline which is Monday, January 8. To support your application, the message also included information on newly released Office Hours for any final application questions. Please find the office hour dates, times, and Zoom link in the message linked above. If you have additional questions about the Early Literacy application, reach out to

Reminder: Contact Updates for Integrated Programs 

With a new year, change often occurs. If you need to submit contact changes and/or additions for your district smartsheet access, you can complete this form to submit a request to add contacts and/or to remove existing contacts. We ask that all changes be submitted using this form and not directly emailed to ODE contacts. In addition, for requests to add contact outside of the district (such as ESD Liaisons) the request must either come from the district or will be held until the district can confirm they wish to add that person and give the access to their smartsheet portals and dashboards. If you have any questions about contact changes, please reach out to

Important Dates and Action Items

Integrated Programs

  • Integrated Program Quarterly Reporting
    • UPDATE: February 1-29, 2024: Quarter 2 Integrated Programs Report Window 
  • SIA Claims
    • January 1, 2024: Grantees who have a fully executed Grant Agreement can now claim up to 75% of your 2023-24 SIA Allocation.
  • Early Literacy 
    • December 1, 2023 - January 8, 2024 Application window

Reminder: The Required Monthly Submission and Reporting Calendar lists all required school district submissions for the 2023-24 school year.

Program Specific Updates

Career and Technical Education - Perkins V

Engaging Business in Schools Survey 

ODE wants to learn more about your district’s current approaches and next steps with respect to involving business partners in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating activities aligned with the Six Integrated Programs (HSS, SIA, etc.), as well as early literacy. All of the input collected will help us identify the tools and resources needed for districts to grow and sustain engagement with business partners. 

Representatives who helped to complete the IG application will be receiving the Engaging Business in Schools survey via email. Please feel free to complete the survey or forward the survey link to others in your district who are knowledgeable about system level engagement with business partners across your elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as within your CTE programs. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes and will close on January 19, 2024.

The responses will be anonymous unless the person opts to share any contact information for follow-up. If you would like more information please contact Brandie Clark, Work-Based Learning Specialist, or Angela Matian, EDM Education Specialist,


To promote the importance of Career and Technical Education (CTE), the CTE Youth Advisory Council, sponsored by the Oregon Department of Education and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, is launching the #ThisIsCTE social media campaign in February 2024, which is also CTE Month. The Council needs your help to gather videos, photos and other content to increase awareness of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and highlight the great things students are doing across the state. Content will be posted throughout February and beyond. Submissions must be received by 1/24/24 to be considered for CTE Month. Please help us spread the word and encourage students (and/or instructors) to make submissions using this FLIER and/or this submission FORM.

ODE and Partners Participate in PGE-led Clean Energy Coalition; Announces DOL Grant Award

ODE is dedicated to helping learners prepare for career, college, and life beyond the secondary experience. Clean Energy is one such area, and ODE is a participant in the Oregon Clean Energy Workforce Coalition (OCEWC) and the recently-announced $3 million U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) grant aimed at developing a clean energy workforce to “build equitable and inclusive career pathways to meet the dynamic needs of the energy sector.” Coalition members include representatives from Tribal groups, governmental entities, community-based organizations, labor unions, education and training providers, business and industry, and workforce boards. You can read more about these efforts in this release from the Portland General Electric (PGE) news page. While the focus of the DOL grant is lifting up two historically-marginalized groups, the OCEWC focuses on building a more-inclusive, equitable workforce by reaching out to and supporting youth through energy career learning opportunities and collaborating with a wide variety of organizations who wish to do the same.

For more information, please review the news release and reach out to Dan Findley (, Education Specialist on ODE’s Secondary-Postsecondary Transitions team.

Early Indicator and Intervention Systems

Early Indicator & Intervention Systems Professional Learning: A Lever for Student Success and School Improvement

Two different learning series are offered during the 2023-24 school year - EIIS: Foundations for Student Success and EIIS at Middle and High School. Each of these learning series will be offered at no cost to Oregon public schools and districts. These learning series will provide participants with resources and skills to expand and deepen EIIS best practices. Both series include synchronous and asynchronous sessions, as well as optional consultation with Facilitators. All sessions are virtual and districts and schools are encouraged to have four to six person teams of educators and leaders participate. 

Please view the flier for more information about the schedule for each learning series and registration links. To register your team for the Spring 2024 Cohort please complete the Registration Form.

Federal School Improvement

In October, ODE shared information pertaining to the identification of CSI and TSI schools in a Federal School Improvement update. A major update shared in this memo pertains to new requirements for school-level improvement plans. Before September 30, 2024, all schools designated for CSI or TSI support must develop and submit a school level improvement plan to ODE in alignment with processes and structures in place for the Integrated Guidance and Plans. These plans will be submitted via Smart Sheet and additional information and planning resources will be shared soon.

Highlighted Resources for the Month

Upcoming Centering Health and Well-Being in Education Webinar Series

Please join us for this virtual webinar series (Spanish version) focused on the Centering Health and Wellbeing in Education resource co-developed by ODE and OHA. Supporting student well-being is at the core of this series. This 9-part series launches on January 10 and concludes March 6. The series will showcase innovative partnerships that demonstrate the various collaborations, blended funding models and partnerships that exist between districts, ESDs, and CBOs in support of student health and well-being. Please share far and wide with your networks. The intended audience is school districts, ESDs, CBOs, Public Health and Behavioral health agencies. If you have any questions about the series, reach out to Nat Jacobs, Mental and Behavioral Health Education Leader, at

Data Dashboard Updates 

As a reminder, in August 2022, we first shared a publicly accessible and one-page guide, created in collaboration with Northwest Regional ESD. This dashboard provides suppressed data (publicly available) for each school and district. The Northwest Regional ESD team recently updated the dashboard with 2022-23 information, and you’ll now find additional including: 

  • ELA, Math, and Science Scores
  • Regular Attenders
  • 9th Grade On-Track 

Additionally, information from the Oregon Student Health Survey has been added including links to county reports, where you’ll find information about students in your county including: 

  • Positive Youth Development 
  • School Climate, Absenteeism, and Bullying
  • Mental Health 

We hope this continues to be a valuable resource for your school or district as you continue to be in conversation with your community.