Essential Information on Co-developing LPGTs

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Essential Information on Co-developing LPGTs

Essential Information on Co-developing LPGTs

This email explains the two ways you can co-develop Longitudinal Performance Growth Targets (LPGTs) and Local Optional Metrics as well as explains what you and your staff teams or ESD partners need to be on the lookout for as we move applications under the Integrated Guidance through the review process. As of today, ODE has completed review of over 100 applications with 20 application reviews through the Quality Assurance and Learning Panels and moving into this next phase of the process. 

Here’s what you’ll find below:

  • Goals of co-development 
  • Schedule and two ways to engage
  • What to expect
  • How to prepare for co-development sessions

Goals of co-development 

The goal for each co-development session is for the applicant to leave with targets ready to be embedded in the grant agreement and presented to their board for approval. Co-development sessions are expected to last approximately one hour, however, if additional time is necessary for any reason, a follow-up virtual session with their ODE co-development team will be scheduled.

Schedule and two ways to engage

There will be two options for engaging with our team to co-develop LPGTs and local optional metrics:

  1. Virtual sessions: These sessions will take place each Thursday, April 27 through June 29.
  2. In person sessions: These sessions will take place at 
    • Northwest Regional ESD on Tuesday, May 23
    • High Desert ESD on Tuesday, May 30
    • Harney ESD on Thursday, June 1
    • Lane ESD on Thursday, June 1
    • Southern Oregon ESD on Tuesday, June 6
    • InterMountain ESD on Tuesday, June 13

 What to expect

Once an application has been reviewed by ODE, gone through the Quality Assurance and Learning Panel (QALP) process, and has been determined to either ‘meet requirements’ or ‘meet requirements with small changes,’ the applicant will then move into the co-development process. Applications that need significant changes will need to submit the required information before moving into the co-development process.

Here’s what you can expect in the co-development process:

  1. Applicants will receive automated emails with a Smartsheet form link where they will be asked to select a date to meet with ODE staff for a co-development session, either virtual or in-person. Our team will reach out to determine a time slot and will make our best effort to schedule you into your preferred date, time and method for engaging. Both virtual and in person meetings will have a designated time slot to ensure there is a pair of ODE staff available to work with you during that meeting. Time slots are available between 9:00am and 3:00pm. 
  2. Once your co-development selection has been confirmed, you’ll receive an invitation with more details on location and/or Zoom link. Applicants do not need to arrive to in-person sessions until their designated time slot but are welcome to come early if they wish to connect with ESD staff regarding targets prior to meeting with ODE staff.
  3. During the co-development session, applicants and the ODE team will work 1:1 to
    1. Review draft targets, if any were submitted, along with historical data,
    2. Establish a starting point and five years of baseline, stretch, and gap-closing targets for each applicable metric, and
    3. Discuss how data for any local optional metrics will be collected and assessed.

Our team is grateful for continued partnership with ESD staff, who will also be in attendance during virtual and in person sessions for additional applicant support.

How to prepare for co-development sessions 

In advance of your co-development session, consider reviewing your data visualizations for the five common metrics and any draft targets you submitted with your application. There are also resources and recordings from the four-part Monitoring and Evaluation webinar series that take a deeper dive into the LPGTs on the Aligning for Student Success Professional Learning, Events, and Recordings webpage

If you have any questions about the co-development process, please reach out to us at