Aligning for Student Success - March Message

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Aligning for Student Success - March Message

We offer appreciation and admiration for the deep engagement and planning work districts and schools have engaged in to develop their Integrated Applications! As you prepare to submit your Integrated Application, we hope there is time to celebrate all of the efforts of staff, students, families and communities over the past year. This month's message is coming a few days early to support full focus on the opening of the Integrated Application at the start of March.

In this month’s message, we’re covering the following:

  1. Special Message Coming on March 1 Opening the Integrated Application 
  2. Updated Integrated Guidance FAQ Document
  3. Sustaining Community Engagement and Strengthening Partnerships Webinars with Rosa González 
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation Webinar Recordings Posted
  5. Reminder about the new Aligning for Student Success Events and Recordings Webpage

Special Message Coming on March 1 Opening the Integrated Application

Please keep an eye on your inbox for a special message on March 1, which will contain the link to submit the Integrated Application along with submission instructions. This message will also include:

  • A technical guidance document with detailed instructions on the application and draft Longitudinal Performance Growth Target (LPGTs) inputting processes, 
  • How to navigate the Integrated Programs Reporting and Application Dashboard, and
  • Dashboard troubleshooting tips.

Updated Integrated Guidance FAQ

ODE has updated the Integrated Guidance FAQ resource with new questions that have come in since the last iteration, including a new section on Longitudinal Performance Growth Targets (LPGTs).

Sustaining Community Engagement and Strengthening Partnerships Webinars with Rosa González 

ODE invites education leaders and community members to two upcoming webinars featuring Rosa González of Facilitating Power. Rosa is a renowned expert and committed change-maker that helped create the Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership, which was adapted for ODE’s Community Engagement Toolkit as part of the Integrated Guidance.  

This is certainly a busy time for districts finishing their Integrated Applications, but it is also the perfect moment to continue to sustain ongoing community engagement. Once Integrated Applications have been reviewed by ODE, districts will need to share back plans with their communities and will have an opportunity to keep building critical community relationships to implement the plans. Authentic and ongoing community engagement are critical components of the initiatives covered in Aligning for Student Success: Integrated Guidance for Six ODE Initiatives.

We invite you to participate in the upcoming webinars with Rosa González: 

Sustaining Ongoing Community Engagement for District and ESD Leaders

Thursday, March 9, 2023

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Register here or copy/paste this link into your browser:

This webinar is for education leaders (including ESD and district staff and leaders). In the first hour, Rosa will offer frameworks, tools, and practices to help ESD, district and school leaders and staff sustain authentic and ongoing community engagement. In the second hour, more discussion and workshop time will allow participants to engage content directly.

Strengthening Partnerships Between Districts and Communities

Thursday, April 13, 2023

3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Register here or copy/paste this link into your browser:

This webinar is for both education leaders and community members. Rosa will support both educational leaders and community partners together to learn about transformational practices and ways of working together. 

Both workshops will support the ongoing implementation of ODE’s Integrated Guidance and will also be recorded for those that cannot attend. Each session is a standalone webinar and you can choose to attend either (or both!). If you are a district and want to invite community partners that you work with, please feel free to share this invitation with them.

Featured Speaker: With more than 20 years of experience in popular education and transformative facilitation, Rosa González is dedicated to a thriving culture of participation where communities come together to solve social, environmental, and economic challenges. Through her project, Facilitating Power, she has partnered with dozens of organizations, agencies, and community leaders to develop participatory approaches to building community resilience and grassroots power. 

If you have any questions please email and we look forward to your participation. 

Monitoring and Evaluation Recorded Webinars Posted

Thank you to everyone who has attended the Monitoring & Evaluation Webinar Series! The series are posted on the Aligning for Student Success Professional Learning, Events, and Recordings page: 

  1. Session 1: Data in Context - Recording - Slides
  2. Session 2: Setting Targets by Making Sense of the Mosaic of Data - Recording
  3. Local Optional Metrics - Recording - Slides
  4. Setting Growth Targets - Recording - Slides

Reminder about the new Aligning for Student Success Events and Recordings Webpage

Please see the new Aligning for Student Success Events and Recordings page to access the  Engaging Equity: Equitable Mindsets, Practices, and Systems professional learning series, upcoming webinars with registration links, as well as an archive of recordings from past webinars.

Important Dates and Action Items

March 1-31, 2023: Integrated Application window opens.

Program Specific Updates

Career and Technical Education - Perkins V

The Oregon ACTE Annual Conference will be held  April 12-14, 2023, at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes Convention Center in Bend. This conference is the annual opportunity for secondary and postsecondary administrators, career and academic counselors, as well as instructors, to gather and to gain professional learning and collegiality.  

The keynote presenter for the conference, Mark C. Perna, will provide his expert strategies to shift the CTE paradigm and enlist the passion, purpose and performance in younger generations. 

Please join us at the conference as we not only focus on student success but also recognize the following awards for the 2022-2023 year:

  • CTE Teacher of the Year
  • Counselor and Career Development Award
  • Postsecondary CTE Professional of the Year
  • CTE New Teacher of the Year

For more information, please click here.

ESSA Partnerships (CSI/TSI)

REMINDER: School districts with remaining ESSA Partnership Funds, which expire September 30, 2023, must submit a revised plan and budget to ODE that reflects service and support to focal students in identified schools. School and district leaders should collaborate on the review of data and community engagement input to inform their plan revisions. Click here to submit a revised plan and budget or copy and paste this link in your browser: 

Please reach out to your EII point person should you have any additional questions.

High School Success

Thank you to all HSS recipients who provided feedback about wanting Summer Extensions to spend funds. The update to the HSS Summer Extension was approved by the State Board of Education in January. With the update to the rule, grantees no longer need to request an extension to spend funds apportioned during a given biennium during the first two months of the next biennium. To see the full HSS Fund Administrative rules, visit OAR 581-013-0015(3).

Please continue to submit claims for High School Success spending. 

Student Investment Account

SIA Legislative Update

On February 1st, OEII submitted the Student Investment Account Legislative Report to the 2023 Legislature. The Annual Report provides an overview of the supports and resources created to date that support aligned implementation of the 6 programs within the Integrated Guidance, as well as an in-depth analysis of Student Investment Account implementation, drawing upon qualitative and financial reports from the field. 

SIA Fund Administration Rules Updated

Similar to HSS, deep appreciation to SIA grantees for providing feedback about the SIA Summer Extension rules. The State Board of Education recently adopted a change to the SIA Fund Administration rules. In the updated rules, SIA grantees will universally receive the Summer Extension to spend funds through September 30 each year and there is no longer the option to opt out of the Summer Extension. To see the full SIA Fund Administration rules, visit OAR 581-014-0004(6)

Highlighted Opportunity for the Month

Invitation to participate in the ODE English Learner Advisory Group 

The ODE EL Advisory Group is a diverse group of community and district stakeholders and an important part of Oregon Department of Education’s (ODE) decision-making process and effective implementation of the EL Strategic State Plan. This group is comprised of district and school administration, teachers, students, parents, and community members. 

 The Multilingual & Migrant Education Team is inviting interested individuals to apply to participate in this advisory group for the term of two years including the 2022-23 and 2023-24 academic calendar years. For detailed information on the scope of work of the EL Advisory Group and Member Responsibilities please visit the ODE EL Advisory webpage.  

Please submit this APPLICATION if you are interested in participating and you may direct any questions to our Multilingual Education Specialist, Jennifer Fontana,