ODE Releases Aligning for Student Success: Integrated Guidance for Six ODE Initiatives

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To: Superintendents, Principals, Business Managers, Charter School Leaders, ESDs and other partners
From: Scott Nine, Assistant Superintendent of the Office of Education Innovation and Improvement 
Date: February 8, 2022
Subject: ODE Releases Aligning for Student Success: Integrated Guidance for Six ODE Initiatives 

Dear Partners,

“What our staff at ODE has set out to do, with noted hope from the legislature and the education field, is to operationally align investments and work that can indeed bring increased success for students and lay the groundwork for us to see the full value and desired impact of the investments in the Student Success Act passed in 2019.”

This is a quote from Director Colt Gill’s letter of introduction as ODE releases Aligning for Student Success: Integrated Guidance for Six ODE Initiatives today.

The new guidance is provided more than a year ahead of when applications under this guidance will be submitted to ODE in March 2023. The timing of release is intended to provide time needed for districts and schools to operationally align planning for the state and federal programs included. This timeline also supports higher quality community engagement and more robust avenues to understand and engage around a school communities’ needs and priorities. 

The guidance integrates six aligned programs: 

  • High School Success (HSS) 
  • Student Investment Account (SIA) within the Student Success Act
  • Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP)
  • Career and Technical Education - Perkins V (CTE)
  • Every Day Matters (EDM)
  • Early Indicator and Intervention Systems (EIIS)

We recognize that some people may want to read the guidance in full to understand each aspect of information we’re putting forward today; while others may prefer to take a deeper dive into the guidance section by section. In response, we’ve provided the full Aligning for Student Success guidance as well as access to each section on our new Innovation and Improvement webpage

As you begin to review and digest the guidance, ODE is ready to support you and your teams. ODE will share opportunities to learn more about this guidance all throughout the spring as you begin pre-planning for your engagement in Fall 2022. ODE is also collaborating closely with each ESD and leaders within each ESD are ready to support your efforts as well. 

If you have questions as you review the Aligning for Student Success guidance, please reach out to ODE.EII@ode.oregon.gov and a member of our team will follow-up.