ESSER Capital Expenditure Approval Form Update

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ESSER Capital Expenditure Approval Form Update

Greetings Business Managers,

I’d like to share with you another update to the ESSER II and III Capital Expenditure Approval Form.

Due to the ever-increasing public scrutiny of approved capital projects, we are updating our capital expenditure approval form once more. We have added six questions to the form to help build the narrative and justification for submitted expenditures. Our goal is to have these additional narratives available to share publically to help provide context to approved expenditures. A list of the added questions can be found below.

Important Notes:

  • All questions are required. Forms submitted with unanswered questions will be sent back for revision and resubmission.
  • Please begin using this updated approval form for all future requests. Prior versions of the form will no longer be accepted.
    • Previously approved requests do not need to be resubmitted or reapproved.
  • The updated form can be found on the ESSER II and ESSER III webpages under the “Capital Expenditure Approval” heading.

The Questions:

  • What percentage of students/staff will be impacted by this expenditure?
  • Does this expenditure directly impact historically underserved students? If so, how?
  • Who was involved in the decision making process for this expenditure? (Superintendent, staff, school board, community, etc.)
  • What are the short and long-term effects of this expenditure on student outcomes?
  • Why is it important for this expenditure to be completed now, as opposed to putting resources toward other priorities? (What makes this expenditure the best use of ESSER funds for your district?)
  • How does this impact the community as a whole?

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to We are happy to help!

Thank you,

Savanah Solario

School Facilities Coordinator | ESSER Grants Coordinator