ESSER Capital Expenditures Approval Process Update

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Greetings Superintendents and Business Managers,

As you may be aware, all capital expenditures made using ESSER II or ESSER III funds must first be approved by ODE to be considered an eligible use of the grant funds. To help facilitate this request process, ODE has created an Approval Form and Public Tracker of all approved capital expenditure requests by district.

Approval Form

The Approval Form can be found on both the ESSER II and ESSER III webpages under the “Capital Expenditure Approval” heading. The form is the same for both grant programs and includes detailed instructions.

The Approval Form must be filled out for each capital expenditure your district would like to use ESSER II or ESSER III funds for. For the ESSER Grants, “capital expenditure” is defined as follows:

A construction project or individual non-consumable item that:

              1) Has a useful life of more than one year; and

              2) Costs greater than $5,000

Note: If your district has already received approval for a capital expenditure via email, you do not need to fill out an Approval Form for that expenditure. However, we still recommend reviewing the instructions included in the Approval Form. A Project Tag has been assigned to each approved expenditure and can be found in the Public Tracker linked below.

Public Tracker

A Public Tracker of capital expenditures has also been posted to the ESSER webpages. This tracker lists information about each district’s submitted capital expenditures, including the Project Tag and approval status.


Please note that you will need to know the Project Tag for each of your district’s approved capital expenditures when requesting reimbursement for them. All Project Tags are included in the Public Tracker for easy reference. Instructions on how to use the Project Tag for reimbursement will be included in the ESSER II and ESSER III Reimbursement Request Form, which will be posted on the ESSER webpages once the grant funds are released in EGMS.

If you have any questions, please email the ESSER team.

Thank you,

Savanah Solario
School Facilities Coordinator