January 15 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

As a reminder, ODE will be hosting two Progress Report Office Hour sessions during the month of January to provide technical assistance on the Reporting Dashboard and help answer any questions regarding the submission of the first programmatic and financial report on January 31, 2021. Please click the below links to sign up for one of the time slots and come prepared with any questions!

If you are unable to attend either of these sessions, but have questions related to completing your programmatic and/or financial progress report, please reach out to SIAinfo@state.or.us for technical assistance.

Coming soon

As you may have seen in the Supporting Quality Implementation guidance, later this month ODE will be releasing additional information and resources: 

  1. Community Engagement Resource: This new resource will share learning from the first year’s engagement efforts and identify short and long-term strategies for strengthening community ties through and beyond COVID-19 and even when engagement cannot be completed in-person. 
  2. Preliminary Allocation Estimates for 2021-23: ODE will release preliminary allocations based on the Governor’s Recommended Budget for the 2021-23 biennium, but it’s important to be clear that these preliminary allocations will change. The final SIA allocation estimates for each district and eligible charter school will be released in May 2021 in alignment with the May ADM collection and following any adjustments during the upcoming legislative session. 
  3. Budget Template for 2021-23: The required budget template with the preliminary allocations will be released to support preparation of your SIA adjustment or amendment for the 2021-23 biennium.

This Week’s Frequently Asked Question

This Week’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For the 2020-2021 school year, should we be reporting on our original Strategies and Activities as outlined in our SIA plan, or should we report on the Strategies and Activities we are focusing on under the reduced allocation due to COVID-19?  

A: Within the first section of your progress report on the Reporting Dashboard, you will only need to report on the strategies and activities that you are still doing this year in light of the reduction of funding. You don’t need to report on the strategies and activities you’ve put on pause. In the second section of your progress report, you will still need to report on all of the planned expenditures as ODE is using this piece to capture adjustments to your original SIA plan in light of the reduction in funding.


Therefore, if you had a reduction in an activity from “Hire 2 mental health counselors” to now be “Hire 1 mental health counselor”, in the first section of the progress report your color coding system of red (no progress), yellow (significant progress), and green (completed) should be measured based on your revised activity target. In the second section of your progress report, you’ll need to indicate that you’ve reduced this expenditure given you’re shifting from hiring two mental health counselors to just one.

Additional Resources

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Please send any questions or comments to SIAInfo@state.or.us. 

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