January 8 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

The SIA team hopes you had the opportunity to enjoy a rejuvenating break over the last few weeks. As you reconnect with the SIA work this week we are sharing a couple of reminders as well as some new opportunities to connect for support. 

First Programmatic & Financial Progress Report 

First, we would like to remind you that ODE sent out the corrected customized Reporting Dashboard links via Smartsheets on Wednesday January 6, 2021 for your first programmatic and financial progress reports, due January 31, 2021. If you had an eligible charter that applied with your district then their information is either 1) embedded within your district reporting or 2) there are links at the bottom of the Dashboard for their separate reporting. Please read the guidance and/or watch the video tutorial to learn more about completing these reports and helpful tips for navigating Smartsheets. 

As you are preparing your report response, you are also welcome to utilize the programmatic and financial report templates released in the Supporting Quality Implementation guidance in December 2020, which were a preview for those who wanted to get a jump on their reporting. Please remember that the actual reports must be submitted via the customized Smartsheet link you received. If you have a fully executed SIA grant agreement, but have not yet received your Smartsheet link, please reach out to SIAinfo@state.or.us

Additionally, ODE will be hosting two Progress Report Office Hour sessions during the month of January to provide technical assistance on the Reporting Dashboard and help answer any questions regarding the submission of the first programmatic and financial report on January 31, 2021. Please click the below links to sign up for one of the time slots and come prepared with any questions!

If you are unable to attend either of these sessions, but have questions related to completing your programmatic and/or financial progress report, please reach out to SIAinfo@state.or.us for technical assistance. 

Requests for Additional Information

Last month, some of you may have received an email from SIAinfo@ode.state.or.us as the SIA team is in the process of reviewing all grant documentation prior to our first progress reporting deadline. We are asking for that information to ensure districts and eligible charter schools are 1) in compliance with their current executed grant agreements or 2) have all the necessary documentation prior to final execution of the grant agreement. If you received an email requesting any action on the following items and have not yet responded, we ask that you please submit the requested information by January 31, 2021:  

      • Signed District-Charter Agreements
      • Detailed Charter Budgets in excel format
      • Signed Grant Agreements

Coming soon

As you may have seen in the Supporting Quality Implementation guidance, later this month ODE will be releasing additional information and resources: 

  1. Community Engagement Resource: This new resource will share learning from the first year’s engagement efforts and identify short and long-term strategies for strengthening community ties through and beyond COVID-19 and even when engagement cannot be completed in-person. 
  2. Preliminary Allocation Estimates for 2021-23: ODE will release preliminary allocations based on the Governor’s Recommended Budget for the 2021-23 biennium, but it’s important to be clear that these preliminary allocations will change. The final SIA allocation estimates for each district and eligible charter school will be released in May 2021 in alignment with the May ADM collection and following any adjustments during the upcoming legislative session. 
  3. Budget Template for 2021-23: The required budget template with the preliminary allocations will be released to support preparation of your SIA adjustment or amendment for the 2021-23 biennium.

This Week’s Frequently Asked Question

Q: The budget information, including the allocation amount, under the ”tracking expenses” section of my Reporting Dashboard is reflective of my original SIA allocation estimate. Why? 

A: If ODE has a copy of your Excel SIA budget, we have pre-populated your original SIA budget into the “tracking expenses” section of the Reporting Dashboard. This will be reflective of the original allocation amount given only a handful of districts and charter schools needed to amend their original SIA plan based on the reduction in funding and/or the shifting needs of their students and community. The first financial progress report is where the majority of recipients will note the adjustments made to the original budget and reflect the updated budgeted amounts of activities based on the revised allocation estimates that were released after the August 2020 special session. If you have any questions about how to reflect these adjustments or complete the financial progress report, please join either of the Office Hour opportunities later this month or contact SIAinfo@state.or.us.

Additional Resources

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Please send any questions or comments to SIAInfo@state.or.us. 

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