November 6 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

The SIA Team is sharing a preview of important information we plan to release next Friday regarding a key shift we anticipate making in regards to SIA application cycles. Our goal in previewing this information is to share the direction we are headed in ways we believe are responsive to what we’ve heard from district leaders and ESD liaisons over the last few months, honor the complexity we face in responding to COVID-19, and keeping the essential purpose and focus of the SIA central to our processes. 

In the comprehensive SIA guidance released last December (page 7), the plan was for SIA applicants to move through the full application cycle and develop a four year plan, with a two year execution window, rooted in ongoing engagement and learnings from the first year of implementation during this 2020-21 year.

Upon close internal review of the requirements named in Section 11 of HB 3427, ODE has determined that we have the authority to adjust the timing of plan updates and full application cycle within what is outlined in statute. Our team will be sharing more detailed information in next week’s SIA weekly message. We also know many of you are actively planning or starting engagement and hope this preview helps in your considerations.

  • The SIA will require that all applicants sustain ongoing authentic community engagement practices, the application of an equity lens, and attention to focal student groups, their families, and staff in making implementation decisions in the current and next two school years.   
  • SIA applicants will not be required to submit a new four year plan moving through the full SIA application cycle again this year. Rather districts and eligible charter schools will be able to execute the three year plan that has already been developed into the next biennium. Applicants needing or wanting to completely update their plan for the next two years will have the opportunity to do so, but it will not be a universal requirement.  
  • Our team is in the midst of developing guidance and resources to support districts and eligible charter schools with this change that we hope puts your and our focus in the right place while being in accordance with the law. 

Again, we’ll share more specific details next week. We welcome you to reach out to if you have any initial questions.

This Week’s Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is required in terms of board approval and public comment for the SIA grant agreement?

A: The Student Success Act requires that your SIA Grant Agreement be presented to your local school board or governing body for approval with the opportunity for the public to provide comment at both times. This is in addition to your presentation of the SIA plan to the board required earlier this year. When planning your board presentation of the SIA grant agreement please keep the following in mind:

  • The presentation of the grant agreement cannot be part of a consent agenda. Rather, the approval of the SIA grant agreement should fall under a section of the agenda that  allows for both the grant agreement to be presented to the board and offers the opportunity for public comment. This means, for example, the approval of the grant agreement could fall under the action item, new business, or Superintendent’s update section of the agenda. 
  • As mentioned above, there must be an opportunity for public comment on the grant agreement. We recognize many school boards are meeting via zoom or other video conference services. In addition to allowing for public comment during the call, you can also allow families and community members the chance to submit their written comments in advance of the meeting. Public comment does not have to be presented in person to still count as an opportunity for public comment.  

If you have additional questions regarding the presentation of your SIA Grant Agreement to your board for approval please contact or your Application Manager.

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