October 23 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

For the SIA update this week, we wanted to provide clear information on all of the steps required to complete the grant agreement process and receive the first disbursement of SIA funds.

When you receive your SIA Grant Agreement, you are required to take these three steps:

  1. Make the grant agreement available at the main office and post it on your district website and send the link to your Application Manager; 
  2. Allow for public comment on the grant agreement at an open meeting; and 
  3. Share the grant agreement at an open meeting and receive approval by the local school board. You will be required to submit a copy of the board meeting minutes indicating board approval as well as opportunity for public comment. It is acceptable to submit draft minutes to meet this requirement.  

When you’ve completed these three steps, you will need to upload a signed grant agreement and board meeting minutes to Smartsheet. If you have questions about uploading this information, instructions can be found here or you can reach out to your Application Manager. 

After you’ve uploaded these documents, the SIA team will review your uploads to ensure the grant agreement is signed and board meeting minutes document the opportunity for public comment and board approval. Our team will also confirm the grant agreement has been posted to the website. If any information is still needed, you will hear from your Application Manager. Otherwise, if no additional information is needed, you will receive a copy of the fully executed grant agreement via Smartsheet. At that point, you will need to submit a claim in EGMS for the first 40% of funds, which the SIA team will approve to allow you to receive the first disbursement. 

If you have any questions about next steps, please reach out to SIAinfo@state.or.us or your Application Manager. 

This Week’s Frequently Asked Question

Q: I can see my SIA Grant funds in EGMS but I have not completed the grant agreement process. 

A: ODE has pre-loaded all of the grant funding amounts in EGMS for grant recipients. However, those funds are frozen until such time as the grant agreements have been signed and returned to ODE in the process described above. The final step is for ODE to sign and return the grant agreement to you in order for it to be fully executed. Once this has been completed the funds will be unfrozen in EGMS and claims can be submitted for your first disbursement.

News & Resources

  • As a reminder, there is a new Tribal Engagement Toolkit from ODE and the Office of Indian Education. This toolkit provides resources for districts, Tribal Leaders, and Tribal Communities.
  • Oregon State School Board resolution on Black Lives Matter
  • ODE recently shared this September Status one-pager with the legislature, detailing some of the ways applicants advanced equity and authentic community engagement  within their SIA plans. 
  • We are now posting on the ODE Website the weekly report from the COVID-19 School Status Tracking Report. If you do not see your school reported on the weekly status report please email odecovid19@ode.state.or.us or check with your district administrator. If you have any questions about how to submit this report or believe you should be receiving the weekly update request and are not please read the recently sent Weekly COVID-19 School Status Report FAQs.

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Please send any questions or comments to SIAInfo@state.or.us. 

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