Oregon Math Update - October 2020

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Oregon Math Update - October 2020

Mt Hood photo by Atanas Malamov on Unsplash

The ODE Math Team acknowledges the devastating impact the wildfires have had on many of the students, educators, and families in communities across Oregon.  We recognize that the school year started in ways that seemed unimaginable. While there are incredible challenges and losses, we also know there is tremendous resilience, outreach and support.

Please continue to take care of yourselves, access services as needed for yourself or others, and contact ODE if you would like additional information or support. 

For the most up-to-date information and resources, click the Oregon Wildfire Resource page, Oregon Health Authority-COVID-19, and Oregon Health Authority - Crisis and Trauma Resources.

Please visit Design Learning 2020-2021, Ready School, Safe Learners or Oregon Open Learning for additional educational support. 

Here are some resources you may find helpful:

Supporting Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics

Humaaans image by by Pablo Stanley

The ODE Math team is committed to aligning and building a P-20 math system with an equity lens to ensure each and every learner is is adequately prepared by educators focused on equity for meaningful

contributions to society.   The ODE equity lens confirms the importance of recognizing institutional and systemic barriers and discriminatory practices that have limited access for many students in the Oregon education system.   

Each month we will share resources to support continued professional learning that aligns with this equity commitment.   If you know of new events that support this vision, then please contact Mark Freed to be included in in an upcoming newsletter.

All Students Belong

The Oregon Department of Education recognizes that student health and safety are the cornerstone of education and that all students are entitled to a high-quality educational experience, free from discrimination or harassment based on perceived race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin, and without fear or hatred, racism or violence. All staff and leaders are also entitled to work in environments that are free from discrimination or harassment, and visitors should be able to participate in school activities without fear for their safety. The All Students Belong rule is an important step in creating safe and inclusive school climates where all who participate in our school communities feel welcome.

The All Students Belong rule prohibits hate symbols, specifically three of the most recognizable symbols of hate in the U.S.—the swastika (outside of a religious context), the Confederate flag, and the noose. The temporary rule takes effect on September 18, 2020. It requires districts to adopt and implement policies and procedures that prohibit the use or display of the noose, swastika, or confederate flag in any program or school-sponsored activity except where used in teaching curricula that are aligned with the Oregon State Standards by January 1, 2021.

If you have any questions about the rules or the information linked here, please email us.

30 Second Survey Link - October 2020

Directions by Karthik Srinivas

The ODE Math Team is interested in how to best support Comprehensive Distance Learning in mathematics this fall.  Please respond to a short survey to assist us in planning future opportunities and share your thoughts by 10/12/2020.

Content Panel Update

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

The Oregon Department of Education will be continuing the review and revision of our K-12 math standards after being put on hold this past spring.  The aim of this work will be to present updated standards to the State Board of Education (SBE) by the end of the 2020-21 school year.   A general schedule of upcoming work to meet this goal will be: 

  • Nov-Dec 2020: Review and revise draft document from March 2020 panel
  • Jan-Feb 2021: Public review opportunities for the revised K-12 math standards
  • Mar-Apr 2021: Incorporate feedback from public review and prepare first read for the SBE
  • May-June 2021:  Presentation of the updated standards to the SBE for adoption

If you are interested, or if you know someone interested in participating in the content panel review in the fall of 2020, please indicate this using the 30-second math survey above, and ODE staff will follow up with additional information. .

Introducing “Tools for Teachers”

Smarter Balanced Tools for Teachers

The new instructional resource called Tools for Teachers, developed in partnership with Smarter Balanced, is now available to help educators support their students during this challenging back-to-school season. Tools for Teachers features standards-aligned lessons and activities created by educators to enhance their instruction. These high-quality resources are flexible and accessible to meet the needs of diverse learners, whether they are learning in-person or remotely. 

Tools for Teachers, along with companion Smarter Balanced resources like the Back to School Assessment Playbook and the Remote Teaching and Learning website, provide guidance on using the formative assessment process to support instruction and accelerate learning this coming school year.

Tools for Teachers was developed with a commitment to accessibility and is available free to educators throughout Oregon. The website provides access to a variety of resources, including:

  •       Lessons and activities with built-in accessibility strategies that can help teachers support students’ varying needs and preferences.
  •       Meaningful descriptions of grade-level expectations to help teachers monitor progress.
  •       Formative strategies to help teachers identify where students are in their learning, where they are going, and how they will get there.

See the Oregon Department of Education’s Formative Assessment web page for more information, including a series of videos, an informational flier for distribution in your district, sample resources, and frequently asked questions. 

For more information, contact Andy Byerley, Mathematics Assessment Specialist.

Oregon Open Learning on OER Commons

Image of hands

Many of you have heard of and/or use Number Talks to start a class or introduce a lesson.  One of the recent resources included in Oregon Open Learning (OOL) are Data Talks.  You can find the Data Talks resource as part of the Oregon Mathematics Group in OOL.  These Data Talks were developed by Youcubed as a way to introduce data literacy and data science at all grade levels.  One of my favorites is a 1970’s illustration of two hands showing distribution of bacteria.  Youcubed continues to add more Data Talks. 

We invite you to join the Oregon Mathematics group on OOL and share your favorite Open Education Resources.  You can also browse the resources that already exist.  This is one way to stay connected as a math community.

For Teachers By Teachers: Promising Practices Symposium

SOESD's For Teachers By Teachers Promising Practices Symposium promises to be a day of learning and sharing for educators from throughout Southern Oregon. Attendees will have the opportunity to virtually attend three two-hour sessions (and earn up to six PDUs) on today’s hottest topics in the areas of science, math and educational technology. Six sessions will be presented by peers, recognized as local experts. The other three sessions will be led by innovative vendors. All nine presenters were part of the recent EDTech Summit and were identified, via an attendee survey, as conference MVPs.

Session titles, descriptions and times are below.

Registrants will select the one to three sessions they wish to attend via a conference app on the day of the symposium. Information about how to use the conference app will be sent to registrants via email the week before the event.

Perennial Math Virtual Tournaments

We want to welcome you back to school and we look forward to some great competition and watching all the students grow in their problem-solving abilities this year. We have several Virtual Tournaments scheduled for Saturdays that are open to individual students. Students who score in the Top 10 of any of these events will be invited to the Top 10 Championships in December.  Students may register for any or all of the events. Each will have different questions. Events are 1 hour in our WebEx Tournament room. 

The Date/Tournament schedule is as follows:

  • Sept. 12- September Wind Up
  • Sept. 26- September Summation
  • Oct. 17- Pumpkin Pi Fest
  • Oct. 31-Mathoween
  • Nov. 21-Mathgiving
  • Dec. 12- Winter Chill

Please share this info with interested students and parents. Register on the Virtual Tournaments page https://perennialmath.com/virtual-tournament

Stock Market Game

The Fall competitive Stock Market starts Oct 12th.  The enrichment game commences on Oct 19th and runs to Feb 5th 2021.  Use this link to register .  If you wish more information about the Stock Market Game, please e mail; contact@econoregon.org. 

SMG & Remote Learning - Your Questions Answered!

Whether brand new to The Stock Market Game or a seasoned participant, the transition to a remote or hybrid learning model for the upcoming academic year is no easy feat. To help make the adjustment a bit easier see below for answers to your most frequently asked questions.

  • Can I participate in the Stock Market Game if my class is remote for only part of the academic year?

Yes. Whether your class will be conducted in person, remotely, or a combination of the two, you can participate in any available session without interruption.

  • I typically group my students in teams of 2-5, can they work individually instead?

Yes. When registering for a game session, feel free to request the number of teams (portfolios) that correspond to your student (or anticipated) student numbers. For example, if you'll have 30 students, request 30 teams.

  • I'm not sure how many classes or students I'll have, can I still register?

Yes. Feel free to register with an estimated number of classes and students. If needed, adjustments can be made at any time throughout the game session by contacting Christopher Anderson.

For the most up-to-date information concerning COVID-19 responses, please see our FAQs page.  Additionally, the ODE COVID-19 webpage contains the most recent information available on how the 2019 Novel Coronavirus is impacting schools in Oregon. If you have an urgent health need, please contact your local health department or health care provider.