September 11 Student Investment Account Update

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Before taking a few moments to read through our update below, we want to acknowledge the times we are in and honor the tremendous leadership we see in all of you as you navigate the opening of the 2020-21 school year for your students, families, and communities in a time of incredible challenges. Our hearts are with you all and we are committed to supporting and walking alongside you in the coming days and weeks.

SIA Update

This week’s update includes important information about moving your SIA plan forward and what to expect in the coming weeks. Our team appreciates many of you have reviewed the Draft Application Amendment Scenario process document we released a few weeks ago that is still pending State Board approval. After receiving valuable feedback from ESD liaisons and applicants this week, we wanted to clarify the difference between reducing the original SIA plan versus needing to create a new SIA plan. 

If your district or eligible charter school is simply reducing the expenditures in your original plan (including reducing activities, strategies, and outcomes) or shifting to a tiered plan but you still will implement a portion of the original plan, you do not need to submit a plan and/or budget amendment. ODE will catch up to any reduction in your original plan in the quarterly reports that will be submitted throughout the year. 

However, if your district or eligible charter school needs to create a new SIA plan in light of the reduction in funding or changing needs of your students and community, then you will fall into the category of needing to submit a plan and budget amendment. By Thursday, October 15, applicants will be required to upload a simplified amendment via a Google form which includes three components: 

  1. an updated SIA plan detailing the new activities, strategies, and outcomes;
  2. an updated budget using the required budget template; and
  3. board meeting minutes documenting the opportunity for public comment and approval of the updated plan. 

We anticipate both the Google form and budget template with the revised allocation estimates will be released next week. 

It’s important to note if you’ve previously received an email requesting changes from ODE on your original plan submission, those changes must still be made to meet the original application requirements. ODE requests that any previously requested changes be submitted to by Thursday, October 1. Note: If you are planning to make plan and budget amendments, you can submit any previously requested changes along with your amendments on Thursday, October 15. 

As you may remember, you have previously received emails from an application manager who has been stewarding your SIA application through the review process. You should expect to hear from them after you have submitted any previously requested changes and/or plan and budget amendments. Again, we are here to support your work on the SIA application and if you need help meeting these deadlines or need to delay, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your ESD SSA liaison or to us at

This Week’s Frequently Asked Question

Q: Do you have any updated information about the SIA payment cycle for the 2020-21 school year? We have heard that we can begin engaging in our approved SIA plan activities now even though we have not yet received our funds. If we have expenses now, will we be able to make claims for those expenses once our funds are allocated? 

A: Once application requirements are met and the grant agreement is executed, ODE will disburse the SIA Grant Funds using its Electronic Grants Management System (“EGMS”), on a quarterly basis. Disbursement of funds and reporting provisions will be outlined/detailed in the Grant Agreement. Districts and eligible charter schools who incurred allowable expenses that fall within your budget, may submit claims dating back to July 1, 2020. While this is not a reimbursement grant, we understand that expenses may have been incurred dating back to July 1, 2020 and will honor those claims.

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