Adjustment to Comprehensive Distance Learning Grant Allocations

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Adjustment to Comprehensive Distance Learning Grant Allocations

On August 4, 2020, allocations for the $28.1 million Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) Grant were released for public review. Up to this point we had not been able to share the allocation estimates publicly, as the program, priorities and methodology for disbursements were still in development. Unfortunately, shortly after Wednesday’s public release it was revealed that not all of the charter schools receiving the Remote Small School Correction were being given appropriate credit, equity points and appropriate allocations as they should. We sincerely apologize for this oversight caused by using an incorrect source of data from the State School Fund. We have now corrected this issue in our distribution calculator so these 31 school districts are now receiving the correct amounts as initially intended.

Because of this adjustment and additional weights in the system, we have adjusted the multiplier for the Small School Corrections to align with the original formula, where it continues to account for approximately 20% of the overall weighting. We have reposted the allocations on the CARES Act Resources webpage. Please note the August 6, 2020 version of CDL allocations is the one we will be using moving forward. This update has changed the allocations for all school districts, so please take time to review the latest release. It is my intent this will be the final version.

Again, apologies for this oversight and thank you for your grace as we setup this new program.

Thank you,

Mike Wiltfong
School Finance and School Facilities Director