July 24 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

SIA Update 

Community engagement lies at the heart of the Student Investment Account and will continue to be an ongoing priority in SIA implementation. Learning from each other throughout this process will be crucial to uplifting and serving communities over the long haul. As the SIA Team continues to await financial decisions from the upcoming legislative special session, we’re sharing some authentic examples of the community engagement work done by districts as part of their SIA plans.  

One district utilized a number of community engagement and culturally specific approaches. This included using chart sheets and sticky notes with staff, parents, and other partners to create real-time ideas for the SIA allowable use categories. Different colors of sticky notes were used to indicate different stakeholder groups. They also drew on a group of representative parent ambassadors, existing staff and community networks, social media, and other qualitative methods (surveys, interviews, and focus groups) to inform their SIA plan.

In addition to surveying all students about how SIA funds should be utilized, an applicant dedicated time to conducting empathy interviews with students from the identified focal groups. Students were paired with staff they already had a relationship with at their school, so they would feel comfortable sharing their ideas and honest feedback about their school experience. 

Another district leveraged community partner organizations to help conduct listening sessions with student and parent groups. For example, they partnered with a Gay-Straight Alliance organization to facilitate a listening session for LGBTQ students that was facilitated by a community member who identified as a lesbian. These partner organizations already had built up trust with the community members and helped increase turnout as well as supported community members feel comfortable engaging in the listening sessions.

Several districts plan to cultivate and deepen their relationships with community colleges and universities. In partnership with Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC), an applicant is developing an innovative instructional program that includes multi-age classes, placed and project based curriculum, and a full inclusion model for students with disabilities. Another district, anticipating a workforce shortage for high-qualified staff, is engaging with Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University in the recruitment and training process of staff.

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This Week's Frequently Asked Question

Q: We initially submitted a partially complete SIA Grant Application. Now we have the missing components to complete our application. What should we do?

A: If you initially submitted a partial application, but now have the missing components, you can email them directly to SIAinfo@state.or.us. Our team monitors this email account on a daily basis and will confirm that we’ve received and filed the additional application information you submit. At that point, your application will move into the review phase.

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