June 26 Student Investment Account Update

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SIA Update

SIA Update 

At yesterday’s optional growth target workshop, the SIA team shared the initial progress marker framework, which includes six progress markers for cross-cutting each of the five required common metrics. The “expect to see” progress markers represent initial, easy to achieve changes that indicate a recognition of and commitment to SIA plan goals. The “would like to see” progress markers represent longer term, likely changes and indicate more active learning and engagement. 

These progress markers are being shared now as ODE continues to work to implement the SIA amidst uncertain circumstances. ODE anticipates these progress markers may change to further adapt to the evolving direction of Oregon’s education system in light of COVID-19 - and we welcome your feedback on them.

For those of you who were unable to join the workshop yesterday but are interested in hearing more about progress markers and the whole growth target conversation, stay tuned as we plan to share a recording next week!

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This Week's Frequently Asked Question

Q: We’ve heard from our SIA ESD liaison that our SIA Grant Application is still partially complete. We now have the missing components to complete our application. What should we do?

A: If you initially submitted a partial application, but now have the missing components, you can email them directly to SIAinfo@state.or.us. Our team monitors this email account on a daily basis and will confirm that we’ve received and filed the additional application information you submit. At that point, your application will move into the review phase.

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Please send any questions or comments to SIAInfo@state.or.us