SIA Grant Application Window Now Open

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Education and Community Leaders,

We are pleased to announce the opening of the submission window for Student Investment Account (SIA) Grant Applications. 

Applications will be accepted between March 2, 2020 through April 15, 2020. 

All school districts and eligible charter schools must apply during the application window in order to access the non-competitive grant funds by April 15, 2020. ODE staff is standing by should you need support or assistance as you’re preparing or submitting your application. Simply send an email to

ODE pre-tested multiple district applications and while testing found that Google Forms has a total character limit of 32,700 which may be exceeded with large applications. We have worked with Google to problem-solve this issue. In order to make this application process easier for applicants, we will accept one completed “SIA Grant Application Template” near the beginning of the application form. For each narrative section response, you may then write in “see attached.” This assists ODE in reviewing that you answered each required question.

For those applicants who elect to copy and paste their responses, please be as concise as possible.

Step-by-Step Instructions for SIA Grant Application Submission

Step One: Use the Google Form link to access the SIA Grant Application

  • The Google Form can only be accessed through a single primary email account that you determine and provide within the form.
  • The Google Form must be completed in one sitting. You should already have the content for every required question asked for in the application. When sharing your draft longitudinal performance growth targets and optional metrics, two optional questions have been added as brief self-assessments to inform collaborative work later in the process. 

Step Two: Complete each section of the Google Form

  • The Google Form has 11 sections and eight parts and it mirrors the Optional SIA Grant Application Template.
  • In order to complete, you’ll need to copy and paste your narrative responses and when requested, upload attachments. 

Step Three: Submit the Google Form

  • Once you’ve entered information in each section, click submit.

After Submission

Applicants will receive a notification from ODE to acknowledge receipt of the application. The notification will include contact information for an ODE Application Manager, your single point of contact as you move from submission to review, and into codevelopment of longitudinal performance growth targets and finally, to executing a grant agreement. We will be highly-communicative during this process in order to move through as efficiently as possible. 

Your ODE Application Manager will send you a link to a Google Folder. This Google Folder will store the attachments you uploaded with your SIA Application and act as the main vehicle for document sharing between you and ODE.

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Please send any questions or comments to