DPSST Change in Email Addresses

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Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

July 22, 2021  |  DPSST Change in Email Addresses 

NEW Email Addresses To Use

As a result of a migration of all state agencies to Office 365, DPSST is getting new email addresses effective this Friday, July 23, 2021.  Though we are hoping for a smooth transition this is quite a major change which could result in a period of time where emails don't make it to us.  If you haven't heard anything from us in a reasonable time, please feel free to send the email again or give us a call at the DPSST main line (503-378-2100) or the Private Security/Private Investigator line (503) 378-8531.

The new email format will be first.last@dpsst.oregon.gov instead of first.last@state.or.us.  It is very important to note that, though our @state.or.us email address should continue to work for a time, if you are sending emails to an email address ending in @dpsst.state.or.us, those will not work after July 23.  

I would recommend NOT sending any emails to DPSST this weekend and ask that you spread the word throughout your agencies so we limit the chances of lost emails.  

Below are some of our more commonly used email addresses and what they will become.  

dpsst.security@state.or.us dpsst.security@dpsst.oregon.gov
dpsst.investigators@state.or.us dpsst.investigators@dpsst.oregon.gov
dpsst.polygraph@state.or.us dpsst.polygraph@dpsst.oregon.gov

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us.


PS/PI Staff