DPSST Stakeholder Update - July 1, 2020

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No updates to DPSST’s July training or training schedule:

July Classes: The following classes are or are expected to be on campus in the month of June.

  •  Basic Police:
    • BP398 – Returned 6/8 (Week 12 in progress)
    • BP399 – Will return 7/6 (12 weeks remaining)
    • BP400 – Will return 7/6 (16 weeks remaining)
  • Basic Parole & Probation:
    • BPP81 – Started 6/22 (Week 2 in progress)
    • APP (Armed) 01 – Start 7/27
  • Basic Telecommuncations:
    • BT118 – Started 6/15 (Scheduled to graduate 7/3)
  • Leadership:
    • SLA039A – Start 7/6
    • OLM014A – Start 7/27
    • IPSLEI 15-4 – Return 7/13

Tentative Training Schedule through September 28th: The tentative return/start dates for Basic and Leadership classes have not changed (one corrections).

  • Basic Police:
    • BP401 – Start 8/3
    • BP402 – Start 8/31
    • BP403 – Start 9/28
  • Police Career Officer Development
    • PCOD60 – Start 9/14
  • Basic Corrections Local:
    • BCL041 – Return 8/3 (5 weeks remaining)
    • BCL042 – Start 9/21
  • Basic Regulatory Specialist:
    • OLCC05 – Start 8/17
  • Basic Telecommuncations:
    • BT119 – Start 8/10
  • Basic Emergency Medical Dispatch:
    • EMD80 – Start 8/5
    • EMD81 – Start 9/30 (Corrected)
  • Leadership:
    • SLA039B – Return 8/10
    • SLA040A – Start 9/14
    • OLM014B – Return 8/24


 We are working on finalizing the remainder of the 2020 training schedule.

Reminder - Public Safety Training Delivery during the COVID-19 Pandemic: As we enter July and having upwards of 140 Basic students on campus at once, our training schedules and venue are starting to return to our pre-COVID normal, with additional sanitation measures and PPE in place when appropriate. DPSST's Health & Safety protocal has been updated and will be made available on our website.

Again, we know and have made the Governor’s Office aware that we are restarting our training operations understanding that we cannot completely eliminate the risks of contracting or spreading COVID-19 while engaged in public safety training. We will continue to do our best to mitigate risks whenever possible, and will be prepared to address student or staff illnesses (COVID or otherwise) as swiftly and as safely as possible. All of our Basic/Leadership students and DPSST staff are being directly and purposefully asked to assume basic responsibility of their own personal health and safety. Any student, student employer or staff member unwilling to risk exposure to COVID, or any other illness or injury at any time while on the OPSA campus is expected to immediately report their concerns and cease engagement in all training-related activities.

BT118 Graduation: BT118 will be concluding their Basic training on 7/3. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and continued restrictions on social gatherings this ceremony will be closed to the public. However, we would like to publicly congratulate the students of BT118 on their successful completion of basic training. Questions or inquires about the modified graduation ceremony can be directed to Academy Class Manager Mike Herb at (503) 378-2327 or mike.herb@state.or.us.

Oregon National Guard Wildland Firefighter Training: In preparation for fire season in Oregon, DPSST has been asked to host and train over 400 members of the Oregon Army and Air National Guard on fighting wildfires so they are ready for deployment across the state if and when they are needed. They are expected on campus from July 11-17.

This training will not interfere with the delivery of DPSST Basic and Leadership Courses.


Thank you for your assistance and continued support.

Stay safe,

Linsay Hale

Professional Standards/Interim Training Division Director