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January 2024

Q&A for Contract Admin Specialists


Are you a Contract Admin Specialist for ODOT or a Consultant office? If you’re looking for an introduction to AASHTOWare Project (AWP) that specifically addresses your work with AWP on ODOT jobs, join us virtually through Teams at our next session.

Register in Workday for the date that works best for you.

Virtual Question & Answer Session

CHOOSE Wednesday, January 24 from 1:30-3:30 pm
OR Friday, February 23 from 9:00-11:00 am

If you are a learner external to ODOT, you must have a Workday Learning account to access our courses. If you don't have one, create it here. After you establish your account, sign in and choose "Sign in using a Personal Device".


Hey, What's My Role?

Working within a role is one of the great parts of AWP. You select your role from a pulldown menu and then you have the access that you need to complete your work. You don’t have to look through “unnecessary” components and fields to complete your job. You see what you need.

Roles are not specific to a module. Your role allows you to move between modules if your job requires it. For instance, if you work as a CAS, you will work in AASHTOWare Project Construction & Materials™ (CM) module for your role. You will also have some responsibilities in the AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor™ (OCR) module as well, but your CAS role will work there, too.

Every user working in AWP will have a role. Some may have several roles depending on their responsibilities. You will be assigned your role(s) by your crew leader. We’ll set you up in AWP. And, if your responsibilities change or grow, we’ll get you into the role that will give you the proper access in AWP for your job.

Here’s a preview of the roles we’ll use in AWP. Look them over and consider what responsibilities you and your team members have.

Civil Rights & Labor
OCR – Data Admin
OCR – Workforce
OCR – Contract Review (Field Coordinator)

CM – Prime
CM – Subcontractor
CM – Contractor Lab QC Manager
CM – Prime Contractor Mat Test Reviewer
CM – Contractor Sample Tester
CM – Contractor Mix Design Entry

Other roles share internal ODOT roles

Construction & Materials
CM – Inspector
CM – Materials Administrator
CM – Lab Administrator
CM – Region QA
CM – Sample Tester
CM – Materials Lab Crew Leader
CM – QPL Administrator
CM – Receiving Technician
CM – Structure Services Lead
CM – Mix Design Review & Approve


See Us in February!

Map Pin

AWP SysAdmin members will be
at these upcoming meetings
for ODOT Construction.

Stop by our table at the annual meetings!
Come with your questions to the workshops!

  • 2024 ODOT Statewide Resident Engineer Annual Meeting
    Thursday, February 8
    Eola Viticulture Center (Salem)
  • 2024 AGC ODOT Annual Meeting
    Friday, February 9
    The Salem Convention Center (Salem)
  • 2024 Inspector Workshop
    Thursday, February 22
    Chemeketa Center for Business & Industry (CCBI in Salem)
  • 2024 QCCS Workshop
    Tuesday-Thursday, February 27-29
    Chemeketa Center for Business & Industry (CCBI in Salem)


Why We Are Using AWP

AWP Tablet

If you are new to AWP and APOST, here are some important facts to know about the program and why we are making the change.

AASHTOWare Project

AWP is a data management system created by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Many state transportation departments nationwide use AWP modules. These modules create a single source of data for construction projects. This data can also be utilized for a variety of other analytical purposes throughout the agency.

AWP allows the simplification of our business and management reporting. In addition, it replaces aging databases with a current data management system. AWP supports the programs required for construction and civil rights tracking. It ends the division of data into multiple systems.

Currently there are several different sites where we work during the set up of AWP for implementation.

  • Dev Site = Experimentation Area
  • Test Site = Check Final Process Area
  • Training Site = Where We Learn How to Work in AWP
  • Production Site (coming soon)



The AASHTOWare Project One Source of Truth (APOST) is implementing the AWP Construction & Materials (C&M) and Civil Rights & Labor (CRL) modules. This allows us to assimilate multiple systems into one unified database. It creates a consistent, integrated view of the construction contracting process and facilitates various reporting requirements. With AWP, we will have one source for data that extends from pre-construction (already implemented) through project final acceptance.


A User’s Perspective

Jodi Wagner, ODOT CAS

We asked Jodi Wagner to share her experience with AASHTOWare Project. Jodi works in the Portland Barlow office on Crew 1823 as the Contract Admin Specialist (CAS). She has been working with ODOT since 2019.

Jodi has lived in Oregon for 50 years and Washington for the last eight years. She added, “ODOT has been one of the most positive places I have ever worked. Everyone I have worked with has been so wonderful!”

What are you looking forward to with the implementation of AWP?
Making my job and everyone else’s job more efficient.

How will AWP change your current process with your job?
AWP will rock the construction office and our processes. No more tracking sheets. Have accurate information in seconds instead of hours.

Are you talking about APOST in your crew and unit meetings?
Yes, I am excited about AWP and I want to share the joy!

What kind of feedback are you hearing?
Some people can hardly wait to use it and others are not feeling that positive about it. I believe once they use it, they will wonder how they ever did their job living in the dark ages.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?
There are so many things I love to do, and I am game for almost anything. I love to go on adventures, see new places, meet new people, and experience the culture and food.


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