Watch out for misleading marketing and phishing scams

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Watch out for misleading marketing and "phishing" scams



Motor carrier service providers and third-party administrators can and do provide valuable services to motor carriers. There are a great number of trustworthy and legitimate businesses you may work with. However, we want to remind you that the use of a private entity or company to assist you with compliance is an option. The use of a service provider is not required by FMCSA or ODOT. Further, neither of us endorse private businesses or vendors. Please take all necessary precautions to ensure you are conducting your business with legitimate third-party service providers.

Recent Misleading Marketing

We have recently seen some sites with “DOT” in their business name who have put our Oregon Trucking Online (TOL) logo on their site to mislead carriers. Sometimes they even claim to be a part of our agency and/or claim that it is required that you get permits from them rather than directly from us, and they may charge very high prices for those credentials.

Always remember that our official site for motor carrier transactions is Oregon Trucking Online (TOL). You can always contact us if you have any questions. All required credentials for compliance and legal operation in Oregon can be obtained directly from us; no third-party is required.

Common Phishing Scams

Phishing scams usually consist of sending emails or letters claiming to be from reputable companies to convince you to reveal personal information, such as passwords, credit card numbers and more.

New entrant applicants are often targets of phishing scams, receiving confusing or misleading solicitations by telephone, e-mail, text and mail. Scammers may obtain your company’s information when you submit an application or update your information with FMCSA, because your basic carrier information is publicly available.

One common phishing scam that has hurt carriers across the country comes from “DOT Service” or “DOT Compliance Group.” These letters claim that carriers are at risk of hefty penalties and losing their USDOT number unless they take urgent action. These are a scam.

If you receive any correspondence from these parties, do not share any of your information with them, and do not pay them for any services to maintain your USDOT number.

For new carriers, there is no charge or fee required to obtain a USDOT number.

For established carriers, if you ever have questions about the status of your USDOT number, remember that there are three ways for you to determine the status of your USDOT number:

Always remember that if you receive any letters or emails and have any questions at all, feel free to contact CCD or FMCSA prior to taking any action.