The APOST Times Newsletter - November 2023

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November 2023

Consultants & Contractors Q&A


Another Opportunity for Questions & Answers

We’re selecting our first contracts to begin in AWP. Your company could be working in AWP soon! If you’re looking for an introduction to AASHTOWare Project that specifically addresses your work with AWP on ODOT jobs, join us in-person at the Salem Materials Lab or virtually through Teams at our upcoming sessions.



In-person or Virtual

MONDAY, December 4
1:30-3:00 pm



In-person or Virtual

TUESDAY, December 5
1:30-3:00 pm


As an external learner to ODOT, you must have a Workday Learning account to access our courses. If you don't have one, create it here. After you establish your account, sign in and choose "Sign in using a Personal Device".

Contractors and consultants, we’re available to share at your next internal meeting! Interested? Contact us at

Contractors (Primes and Subs) & Consultants,
don’t forget to get these things done as well!

  • Each individual needs to create a Workday account.
  • Company needs to complete OregonBuys registration.
  • Company needs to identify their future AWP users.
  • Each individual needs to complete Getting Started training on Workday.
  • Company needs to confirm that the payroll system is ready to work with AWP (contractors only).

Choosing Projects for AWP Implementation

Choices Header

As we enter the 2024 Construction season, there are many new projects beginning. Also, we’ll start using AWP on our live construction projects for the state of Oregon in this Construction season. So, how do we decide which contracts go first?

We’ll begin with just a few select projects. The criteria for choosing includes the items below as well as the Resident Engineer’s identification of the project’s complexity. Together, these determine what is a good fit for our first contracts.

  • Size/cost of project
  • Length of project
  • Location of projects (regions)
  • Construction field office level of preparedness

Our goal is to make sure that we are successful in training and supporting these initial projects. We want to have the resources available to assist the participants as the system administrators and training instructors adjust to the AWP program. It’s important that those resources are in place for you.

In our meetings with crews, consultants, and contractors, we’ve heard that many would love to go first. That’s music to our ears! We are determining which projects are first in line. If you’re not in the first group, your contract will be coming into AWP soon.


AWP Bumper Stickers

AWP Bumpersticker


As we went through the Train the Trainer (TTT) classes, attendees kept discovering how AWP would make a positive impact on their work. Here’s some of what we heard:

  • "I LOVE this!"
  • "This is going to save me so much time!"
  • "There's definitely a learning curve but once people get it, they're really going to love this."
  • "There's a lot of repetition but if people stick with it, they're really going to like this."
  • "I can't wait to tell my crew about this!“

We look forward to the enthusiasm being contagious from TTT to crews, consultants and contractors as we start training.


Another Train the Trainer Success Story!


Over the last month, many at ODOT have participated in AASHTOWare Train the Trainer (TTT); preparing to assist in the training of RE Construction offices, Consultants, Contractors, Subcontractors, Technicians and Labs. During these training sessions our partners at Infotech quizzed us with apps like Slido and Mentimeter.

Our competitive natures came out as we participated as anonymous players in quizzes over the course of the month! We had four competitors that stood out as our quiz champions in our Change Order TTT. Congratulations to (in alphabetical order) Michael Dennee, Sue Herring, Josh McCullough and Jodi Wagner

Look forward to these four and MANY more subject matter experts to support you in the training you will receive at your office in the coming months.


Shout Outs & Excellence Award


APOST is giving a huge shoutout to the Infotech Train the Trainer trainers! Jason White, Jackson Looney, Steven Behrmann, and Jaclyn Elmes spent the majority of 4 straight weeks training future ODOT trainers in the use of AWP. They made training engaging, informative, and fun. ODOT future trainers learned valuable tools and resources for how to train ODOT users and to walk through how their current tasks will transition in AWP. GREAT job ITI Trainers!

In addition, another huge shoutout to the ITI training team of Haley Larsen, Laura Guzman, Barbara Morris, and Christina Monesar for the herculean effort preparing the training materials for ODOT. Thank you all!


Lori Butler

With Grateful Hearts

This is it! Lori Butler is really retiring. She tried a few years ago, but we weren’t ready to let her go. So, she came back to share her expertise. Lori has been an invaluable help with our e-Construction program, especially in data management and contract support.

She has 45 years of experience in state service. Her skill and knowledge of construction administration have helped us to address process challenges before they become problems.

We are grateful for all the extra time she has willingly and lovingly given to our e-Construction endeavors with Doc Express and the AASHTOWare Project programs.

You made a difference here. Thank you, Lori, for sharing the adventure…now go enjoy the next one.


Excellence Award Banner

This month we get to finally celebrate a way overdue appreciation for excellence on the APOST project!

Susan Herring has been leading the APOST Training, Support and Communication subcommittee since the project kick off in 2020. Sue works tirelessly to organize and establish clear communications to project participants and end users regarding the APOST project via her engaging APOST Times newsletters and APOST flash updates.

One of the most challenging pieces has been building and coordinating the APOST Train the Trainer program. Collaborating with Infotech, Sue has utilized her skills at organization and a passion for creating effective training tools to ensure users have the resources they need to quickly acclimate to AWP. She has expertly coordinated the challenging month-long schedule with subject matter experts, while adapting to daily changes. Training and communications would not be as successful as it has been without her leadership.

We are lucky to have Sue on the APOST Team!


Questions? Comments? Interested in becoming a team member?

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