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July 2023

Consultants and Contractors Q&As

Did you miss June’s Q&As? Join us in July! If you’re looking for an introduction to AASHTOWare Project that specifically addresses your work with AWP on ODOT jobs, make plans to join us either in-person at the Salem Materials Lab or virtually through Teams at our next session. There is no charge for this event. Click the link for your group and register on Workday.

In-person or Virtual

Tuesday, July from 11 (1:00-3:00 pm)

In-person or Virtual

Friday, July 14 (9:30-11:00 am)

As an external learner, you need a Workday Learning account to access our courses. Set up a new account here. After you establish your account, sign in and choose "Sign in using a Personal Device".


After Code Lock

Lock and keyboard

On June 30, our code lock date will pass. Programs and processes are being reviewed to determine what is critical to meet our October 2023 deployment schedule. No new processes will be added, but data continues to be uploaded. We’re working to get things ready for our upcoming training.

Infotech will be involved with training ODOT trainers on how to use the program. Our trainers will be from our ODOT System Administration team as well as our subject matter experts. This staff will be the future trainers for our internal and external users.

When will you be trained? We’re training our AWP users on a just-in-time basis, the way we started with Doc Express. Beginning in September, we’ll start with a few new projects and train the internal and external users for those projects. While waiting for your next project in AWP, you will continue to work in Doc Express as you currently do.


Pre-AWP Contractors' Checklist

There are several things that Contractors need to complete before training in and using AWP. Check this list below and make sure you are ready!

  • OregonBuys – Contractors and subcontractors are required to register in OregonBuys to work with the state of Oregon on projects. If you have not registered, you may do so at this link: Please forward this link to your subcontractors as well. You must be registered in OregonBuys to work in AWP with ODOT.
  • Workday Learning – In order to take the required training courses for AWP and to have access to additional courses, each individual on your staff needs to have a Workday Learning account. If you don't have one, create it here. After you establish your account, sign in and choose "Sign in using a Personal Device". Share this with your teams and subcontractors so they will be ready for training, too.
  • Staff List – Who at your company will be working in AWP? Take the time to identify those who need training. Determine who does what in your company and what areas will need training to work successfully in AWP. The roles for Prime Contractors include: CM-Prime, CM-Contractor Lab QC Manager, CM-Contractor Mix Design Entry and CM-Contractor Sample Tester. Subcontractors will also be in AWP with the role: CM-Subcontractor.



Brown Bags


ACEC-ODOT Brown Bag Session

Tuesday, August 22

12 Noon – 1:30 pm

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) and ODOT host monthly learning sessions held during lunch. If you are a member of ACEC or an employee at ODOT, you are invited to learn more about AWP. This will be presented virtually through Microsoft Teams. You will need to register in Workday Learning. There is no fee for this event. Watch for more details in next month’s newsletter.


Exellence Award: Mike Stennett

Excellence Award Banner

Mike Stennett has steadily worked in the background to ensure that the ODOT Construction Quality Assurance (QA) program is supported in AWP. He volunteered to come on site to both AWP pilots to work with materials staff, QA, external contractors, and technicians as we went through the projects. He has raised questions and presented solutions to issues as we are configuring materials and construction for AWP. His calm and composed nature has helped to keep us on track and resolving resolutions. We are so appreciative of his work on this project!


Shout Out

Shout Out from Mountaintop

Shout out to Infotech’s Steven Behrmann and ODOT’s Scott Acker: Steven and Scott have collaborated with ODOT’s Regional Assurance Specialists (RAS) group to determine how the RAS role will function in AWP. They identified a neglected area of the project. Then, they created processes to define how the RASes will perform their work effectively and efficiently. Thank you, Steven & Scott!

Shout out to Heidi Ramos, Contract Administration Specialist at Consor Engineers: Heidi volunteered with AWP as soon as the opportunity was available. She assisted with the Portland pilot project in March and has attended many of our training meet ups. She asks useful questions which help ODOT plan how consultants and ODOT will work in AWP. Heidi has been working actively with her colleagues at Consor to explore AWP. She wants her group to be ready for our October 2023 “Go Live” date. Thank you, Heidi, for all you do!

Contractors and consultants, we’re available to share at your next meeting, too! Interested? Contact us at


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