How to boost e-bike ridership in Oregon

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New study outlines ways to boost e-bike ridership in Oregon

Woman rides an electric bicycle

Jan. 31, 2023

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Electric bicycles, scooters and other electric micromobility devices are more popular than ever in Oregon, and we just completed a study to better understand how to continue to grow e-micromobility use in our state.

Read the executive summary of the study findings

E-micromobility devices play an important and growing role in how communities travel. People use them to commute, run errands, and move goods. The devices will also help Oregon reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

The Electric Micromobility in Oregon study provides an overview of e-micromobility, examines barriers to more people using e-micromobility devices, and recommends ways to address those barriers.

Five takeaways from the study

  1. Lack of safe, connected infrastructure is the largest barrier. That includes travel lanes, secure parking, charging facilities, and integration into the broader transportation system.
  2. Costs are too high for many people. Rebates, financing, and other incentives can make e-micromobility more accessible to more people and an attractive travel alternative for businesses.
  3. Equity is paramount. Underserved communities face larger barriers. Programs and policies should be designed around — and directly involve — people facing these larger barriers.
  4. Laws, regulations and funding must align. Inconsistency between programs, policies and funding can create confusion and uncertainty in consumers. This can slow e-micromobility growth.
  5. Communities may need more information on e-micromobility. People may not understand the many uses and benefits of e-micromobility devices. Outreach in communities, like test rides or lending libraries, can help more people consider the devices a viable travel option.

About the study

Electric Micromobility in Oregon has its roots in the Transportation Electrification Infrastructure Needs Analysis we did in 2021. The analysis looked at Oregon’s future EV charging needs for a range of electric vehicle types.

During the analysis, we concluded e-micromobility needed a separate examination. Advocates in Oregon’s cycling community supported our decision, so we conducted Electric Micromobility in Oregon in 2022.

National e-micromobility statistics

  • In 2021, the U.S. e-bike market grew by 50%. On unit sales alone, e-bikes outsold electric passenger vehicles nationwide.
  • Over 400,000 e-bikes were sold nationwide in 2021. (That number is likely higher due to underreported sales data.)
  • Experts estimate the e-micromobility industry will be valued at $1.6 billion by 2027.