Motor Carrier News: CCD is moving!

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Motor Carrier News

Commerce and Compliance Division | ODOT | January 4, 2023

We are moving our Salem office!

On Thursday, January 19, our offices and phone lines will close at 5pm and that will be the last time we conduct business at 3930.

On Monday, January 23, we will reopen at our new location on Airport Road. On that day, our new address will be:

Commerce and Compliance Division
Oregon Department of Transportation
455 Airport Road SE, Building A
Salem, OR 97301

Make sure your mail is addressed properly starting January 23, 2023!

At our new location you will find directional signs to help you find our new home in Building A, along with where to find truck parking for standard tractors and 53’ trailers.

Why the big move?

Prior to the pandemic, we took part in an agency-wide effort to identify areas where business lines could be streamlined, and money could be saved. One area where we knew we could cut costs at CCD was the rent for our offices.

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As the pandemic emerged and we shifted some staff to remote work, our office space was suddenly underutilized. Ours was one of several office spaces seeking to end rental leases and move our people into ODOT-owned buildings. To date, including CCD, the agency has successfully eliminated 6 leases and is working on two more.

ODOT’s budget includes the cost of operating all our own buildings, so what we pay in lease payments are additional expenditures. When we end a lease and move into an owned building, eliminating the lease payment is true savings. With forecasted budget shortages, this is a significant saving that we are very excited about.

What are we saving?

Since we are moving mid-biennium, we took the rent money budgeted for the rest of the current biennium and applied that to the cost of the move. Thus, moving costs are being paid out of the savings from eliminating this biennium’s rent cost, meaning next biennium we will realize the full rent savings.

The total unused budget for future rent is $950,000. The move portion of the project costs approximately $240,000. Due to the buildings at our East Salem Complex being older with insufficient IT equipment to support our service needs, we chose to upgrade all IT systems in both buildings ahead of our move. We anticipate these upgrades to provide approximately 25 years of fast and efficient network capability. We also made structural upgrades, including the creation of a customer service lobby. The total construction and IT costs were roughly $900,000. Therefore, the savings in rent covered all move costs and most of the construction and IT upgrades. Our customers will have an excellent building at their service when they conduct business with us, and next biennium we will see a true savings of $2.8M!

For any questions about our move, please contact our Communications Team.

Reminder: Complete your 2023 renewal today!

If you have yet to renew, we encourage you to do so today. Don't wait until the last minute!

Oregon-based carriers (Commercial, Apportioned and IFTA) should have received your renewal packets.

You can complete your renewal by mail, in person at a CCD office or through Oregon Trucking Online (TOL).

The January 31 deadline for Oregon-based carriers is fast approaching! Complete your renewal today!

Out-of-state carriers with established Oregon motor carrier accounts only need to ensure that your current vehicle list is up to date, as all listed vehicles automatically re-enroll in the Oregon Weight-Mile Tax (WMT) Program. No action is required unless you need to add, amend or cancel vehicles in your account. You can do all of this online through TOL!

For all 2023 renewal information, including how to schedule and prepare for a renewal appointment for in-person service, please visit CCD’s renewal page.

Renewal Deadline Extensions for Oregon-based Carriers


Due to system issues, we extended the 2023 commercial vehicle registration renewal period for Oregon-based carriers. The renewal period is open through January 31, 2023. This includes both commercial registration and IRP.

Additionally, we are extending the licensing renewal period under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). The deadline to pay fees related to vehicle registration and IFTA license renewals is now January 31, 2023. The display grace period extends to March 15, 2023, meaning you have until that date to affix renewal stickers to your vehicles.

Please do not hesitate! Complete your renewal today to allow for processing time!

You can read the announcement letter from Director Strickler here.

New for 2023 Renewal: HB 2007 Compliance

Per HB 2007 (2019), some carriers in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties with older vehicles must comply with the new DEQ Diesel Retrofit Compliance Program and meet DEQ-approved retrofit requirements.

We cannot process your renewal until you have met these new standards or have an approved exemption.

The exemption form can be found online here.

Please visit DEQ's website today for all information to ensure you are compliant in time to process your renewal for 2023.

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Don't forget PRISM!

prism small

Don’t forget! Oregon is a Performance and Registration Information System Management (PRISM) compliant jurisdiction. 

Make sure you meet all requirements for the PRISM program when renewing this year. For more information, please see CCD’s PRISM requirements checklist.

Quarterly Weight-Mile Tax Reporting

Trucks on I-5 near Ashland

Did you know that you can apply to file quarterly weight-mile tax reports?

This option is available to all carriers who currently file monthly weight-mile tax (WMT) reports, including those who previously did not qualify.

If you want to elect to file quarterly, complete the Application to File Quarterly Weight-Mile Tax Reports and return it to us today.

Note: Carriers who file flat monthly mileage tax reports are not eligible to file quarterly tax reports.

Winter Travel: Chain up!

2021 chain law

Driving in Oregon can be hazardous — and truckers play a big role in how safely we get through the season of snow and ice.

Be prepared to chain up properly this winter and avoid a costly fine.

Stay safe out there!

Make things easier - use Oregon Trucking Online (TOL)


We encourage you to take advantage of the many services available to you through Oregon Trucking Online (TOL).

Once you have a registered account, you can operate on permanent tax credentials and handle nearly all of your needs online. TOL makes things easy and saves you time and hassle!

How do you set up an Oregon Trucking Online account?

  1. Establish a motor carrier account with Commerce and Compliance Division.
    2. Go to TOL to request a PIN.
    3. Follow the instructions on the PIN Request Form.
    4. An owner, partner, LLC member/manager, corporate officer or someone possessing a Power of Attorney must sign the PIN Request Form.
    5. Fax or mail your PIN Request Form to Commerce and Compliance Division.
    6. Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email with a temporary PIN password.
    7. Log in to TOL with your name, file number and temporary password and setup your permanent password.

    If you have trouble registering for TOL, please call 503-378-6699.