Construction Training Program News - October

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October 2022

Construction Training and Certification Updates and More

Construction on bridge

Welcome to the Construction Training and Certification newsletter. In this issue, we will provide you with important information, updates, and resources that will help you plan for needed training and certification in the 2022-2023 training season.


2022-2023  ODOT Construction Training Schedule

Bob Marshall

Instructor Spotlight 

Bob Marshall is a licensed landscape architect and is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) certification. He has been with ODOT for six years and previously worked as a consultant project landscape architect for many of ODOT’s projects. He currently is the leader of the Roadside Development and Erosion and Sediment Control Programs. His vast experience and knowledge have contributed greatly to the success of the Certified Environmental Construction Inspector (CECI) and Erosion Sediment Control Manager (ESCM) courses. He considers himself an environmentalist with a great enthusiasm for the environmental protection lessons he teaches. The first courses will be offered in early November, so register now!

11/8 Erosion Sediment Control Manager in Salem - Register
(For Contractors working on ODOT projects with our DEQ 1200-CA permit.)

11/9-10 Certified Environmental Construction Inspector in Salem - Register
(For ODOT, consultant and local agency inspectors working on ODOT projects.)

ADA curb ramp install in Independence

ADA Curb Ramp Inspector and Contractor Certification Announcement

The ADA Curb Ramp Inspector and Contractor Certification training and online exam will be offline for the month of December due to updates and maintenance. The updated 2023 online exam will be offered in January and the first Field Exam offered at the end of February. If you have completed the online training and written exam in November, you will be allowed to take the Field Exam when it's available in February 2023.


2022-2023 Training Opportunities 

In-person Courses | Now in Workday Learning

ADA Curb Ramp Inspection and Contractor Certification Field Exam | 11/2, 11/3
Asphalt Concrete Pavement Inspector | 1/10-12, 2/7-9, 3/14-16
Certified Bridge Construction Inspector | 3/6-10, 4/10-14
Certified Drilled Shaft Inspector  | 11/29-12/1, 3/21-23
Certified Environmental Inspector | 11/9-10, 2/15-16, 3/8-9
Erosion Sediment Control Manager  | 11/8, 2/14, 3/7
Certified General Construction Inspector | 12/5-9, 1/23-27, 3/13-17
Certified General Construction Inspector – Recertification | 4/25-27
Certified Traffic Signal Inspector | 2/7-8
Certified Traffic Signal Inspector - RECERT | 2/9
Traffic Control Supervisor/Technician Training (Full Cert) | 12/6-8, 1/10-12 (ODOT only)
Traffic Control Supervisor/Technician Training (Recert) | 1/31 (ODOT only)
QCCS Workshop | 2/14

Self-guided Online Courses (not available in December)

ADA Curb Ramp Inspection and Contractor Training for Certification (2022 Update)
Certified Traffic Signal Inspector
Certified Traffic Signal Inspector - Recertification

Challenge Exams

Monthly inspector certification challenge events will be offered at the ODOT Salem Materials Lab on 11/17 and 12/15. To register for a future challenge event, please complete the ODOT Inspector Challenge Exam Request Form. For electronic study materials, go to the Inspector Certification webpage and select the specific course for links to the class materials.



Transportation Curriculum Coordination (TC3) 


Plan Reading Series (1 hour) - New to Construction? Go through the first module prior to an inspector training course. You can familiarize yourself with the basics of plan reading.

Math Module - If it has been a while since your last math class, this is useful as background for all of the certification courses. 

The above training is free if you are an employee of a government agency. When enrolling please use PROMO CODE: D5X3-B3D9-52CB-4XCX and include your government email address to complete training without a fee.


Workday Learning External Account

If you are an external learner to ODOT, you will need to set up a Workday Learning account to access our courses.  Please set up your account here and be sure to choose "State of Oregon" as your affiliation. After you establish your account and go to sign in, you will need to choose "Sign in using a Personal Device".

How do I get a copy of my historical iLearn Transcript?

If you need your iLearn Transcript and were unable to print it out prior to June 15, 2021, you may request a copy through DAS here. (Click on iLearn Transcript Request Form)


Construction Materials Technician Training

Construction material technician training will be administered through our Industry Partners: Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon, American Concrete Institute of Oregon and Oregon Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association. For information, visit APAO, ACI and OCAPA websites for current enrollment details.

Construction Project

For more information regarding the Inspector Certification Program and the Technician Certification Program, please see the Inspector Certification Program and the Technician Certification Program.