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June 2022

Annual TIM Conference

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This weather! I am not sure about all of you, but all this rain here in the PNW is getting old. Here is to hoping for some sunny skies soon; it is June for crying aloud!

It is almost time to have the annual conference again meaning that it is time to register. This year we are going to be in person at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, and to say I am excited to have everyone in one spot again is a gross understatement! Seating is limited so register as early as possible to secure your seat!


Training is starting to pick up again and it has us running all over Oregon! We are super excited to be doing so, but also just trying to get out of the COVID funk and back in the groove… All of us have had an interesting couple of years and a sense of normalcy is certainly a relief!

If you are interested in hosting a training please reach out:

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