I-5/Mountain Ave. emergency evacuation ramp work begins Tuesday

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I-5/Mountain Ave. emergency evacuation ramp work begins Tuesday


Interstate 5 Mountain Avenue overcrossing Ashland

Interstate 5 Mountain Avenue overpass Ashland

January 14, 2022

For more information, contact Gary Leaming, 541-621-3074

ASHLAND – Crews will begin constructing an emergency evacuation ramp from Mountain Avenue to southbound Interstate 5 this Tuesday. Drivers should watch for shoulder closures and trucks on both Mountain Avenue and the interstate near milepost 17.

The $100,000 project will help address Ashland’s evacuation needs in case of an emergency. During a major wildfire or other disaster that requires a citywide evacuation, it will provide a one-way ramp from Mountain Avenue to the interstate. Its placement at Mountain Avenue means Ashland residents will have an evacuation route to I-5 between the two I-5 Ashland Exits, 14 and 19.

The need for the evacuation ramp became apparent after the 2020 Almeda Fire, which began in north Ashland. The ramp will be gated and locked when not in use for emergencies.

Making sure the our roads and bridges can help us during crises contributes to ODOT’s Strategic Action Plan priority of building a modern transportation system based on equity and sufficient funding.

ODOT and Ashland crews will work together to build the on-ramp as weather permits so it can be ready before this summer’s fire season.

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