Beltline/Delta interchange traffic metering light turned on

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Beltline/Delta interchange traffic metering light now on

EUGENE — Northbound Delta Highway travelers to westbound OR 569 Beltline Highway now have a traffic metering light at the bottom of the new onramp. The light began operating today, Tuesday, Jan. 11.

The traffic metering light is designed to help traffic flow on Beltline Highway by releasing cars from the onramp one at a time. The same system is used on the onramp from Green Acres Road to westbound Beltline Highway, and at the River Road onramp to eastbound Beltline Highway.

The metering light is only on when traffic is heavy on Beltline Highway. Flashing lights at the beginning of the onramp indicate when to expect that the light is on. A malfunction during construction caused the lights to flash recently without the meter light working.

This is one of the final steps in the Beltline/Delta Interchange Project, part of ODOT’s commitment to providing a safe and reliable transportation system through meeting our strategic plan goals. The $20 million project is improving safety and traffic flow by updating ramps and adding traffic signals, helping travelers transition between the highway system and a business and residential area.

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Angela Beers Seydel, 541-726-2442.

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