Renew license, ID, vehicle tags before end of moratorium

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Renew license, ID, vehicle tags before end of moratorium

Oct. 28, 2021

The Oregon law enforcement moratorium for expired vehicle registration, driver licenses and ID cards will end Dec. 31. If you need to renew, do it as soon as you can – before an expected rush at the end of the year.

Starting in November, DMV will mail about 300,000 Oregon residents who have expired vehicle registrations, urging them to renew before the end of the year. This mailing is in addition to the regular reminder DMV sends a few weeks before your vehicle’s tags expire.

DMV will not also send a second reminder for expired licenses, permits and ID cards, so please check your card to make sure it’s still valid.

“You might receive a reminder in the mail even if it doesn’t seem to apply to you,” she said. “Did you sell your car? If you didn’t notify DMV, we might still show you as the owner. Protect yourself from parking tickets and towing charges: go on-line and notify us of the sale.”

The current moratorium, passed by the 2021 Legislature, is the last of a series of grace periods giving Oregonians more time to renew at DMV during COVID-19 restrictions.

DMV open online and in person with or without appointment

“To help Oregonians get DMV services during the pandemic, we’ve added many new online options,” Joyce said. “We have caught up with the COVID-19 backlog enough that about half our visits to field offices are by appointment, and the other half are standby.”

Whether you set an appointment or just stop by, you can get more than one DMV service in one visit.

Before you go to a DMV office, visit DMV2U to see if you can get your service online – or make sure you have what you need to bring to an office. DMV2U is part of ODOT’s commitment to put transformative technology to make Oregon’s transportation system more efficient and user friendly.

 “Going forward, customers will continue to have the option of making an appointment online through DMV2U or dropping by, as well as more choices online,” Joyce said. “Anytime you need a DMV service, check DMV2U first and see if you can save yourself time and a trip.”

Consider getting Real ID now

If you need to visit a DMV in person – especially to renew your license or ID card – it’s a good time to get the Real ID option. Starting in May 2023, you will need a federally acceptable form of identification to fly– most common are a passport or the Real ID version of a DMV credential. Don’t wait until 2023, when the rush will be on!.

Make sure you bring the documents you need to qualify for Real ID by creating a personalized checklist at


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