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October 2021

Pause and Reflect

Stop Wreck Ahead

2020 was a prime segue into another year of obstacles. 2021, although we were more equipped to stride through the hurdles, it didn’t come without a few headaches. The Annual TIM Conference was hosted via a virtual WebEx platform, and of course, it had its fair share of glitches. However, we overcame triumphantly! Virtual visitors came from far and wide, from the East coast and everywhere in between. We walked away with extra knowledge, amazing presentations, and had the opportunity to see that the TIM believers are still out there not only across Oregon, but nationwide.

The outreach continues to impress me! We’re continuing to evolve the program, lead where we can, and the nationwide traction has brought some much needed joy to a challenging 18 months.

I so look forward to next year’s conference were we will FINALLY be able to meet again face to face, share stories, and network.


Upcoming Training


If 2020 did anything for us, it was allowing us all the flexibility to stay in tune with all that is going on with TIM – trainings are no exception. We’re still training both in person and virtually so you are able to schedule when most convenient for you. If you’re wanting to host an event, we’re open to traveling to any corner of the state – please just keep in mind COVID guidelines when doing so.

As always, here is a link to our training page.

TIM Eventbrite Training Link