Oregon fine rises for trucks failing to use tire chains

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Oregon fine rises for trucks failing to use tire chains


Sept. 20, 2021

The Oregon fine for trucks failing to use chains when required is rising this fall under a new Oregon law taking effect Sept. 25.

Prepare for slippery weather travel now! Oregon law requires all commercial vehicles to carry chains whenever road conditions might require their use during your trip and signs are posted.

The law also requires vehicles to chain up when signs tell you that conditions ahead require them.

Start carrying chains before the weather takes you by surprise. And before every trip, visit TripCheck.com for current road and weather conditions and more on Oregon chain requirements.

Cost of trucks without chains

The estimated cost of delays caused by trucks failing to follow Oregon chain laws is over $8 million a year – to the motor carrier industry and other highway users. When a truck loses traction, it can not only delay its delivery but also delay everyone else on the road behind a stuck truck.

Keeping Oregon moving is so important to motor carriers and all Oregonians that the 2021 Oregon Legislature raised the fine for trucks failing to use chains to $880. That law takes effect Sept. 25.

If a truck is involved in a crash where failure to use chains is a factor, there could be other costs for the motor carrier – not to mention other travelers.

Don’t be the driver stopping miles of traffic behind you! The time it takes to chain up will get you to your destination faster and reduce the chances of a costly delay.


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