DMV continues expanding services as Oregon ends COVID-19 restrictions

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DMV continues expanding services as Oregon ends COVID-19 restrictions

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June 29, 2021

DMV is continuing to expand services and increase choices for Oregonians who need services – online, by appointment and in person.

“If the last time you visited DMV was before the pandemic, maybe you wished you could have gotten your service online,” DMV Administrator Amy Joyce said. “Now you can. Many more services are available now at DMV2U.”

Demand for in-person DMV services remains high, so check first to see if you can get what you need online. If not, you can make an appointment using DMV2U.


Now you can!

DMV has added over 20 services online in the past couple years. Among the most recent:

  • You probably can renew or replace your driver license, permit or ID card, and DMV will mail it to you.
  • You can start a vehicle title and registration application online, which includes a fee calculator to help figure out how much to include when you mail your transaction to DMV.
  • You can renew your vehicle registration, order replacement stickers, or report a change of address if you move inside Oregon.
  • New to Oregon and have an out-of-state driver license? You can start your application online, learn what you need to bring with you and schedule an appointment at a DMV office.

DMV2U is part of ODOT’s commitment to put transformative technology to use to make Oregon’s transportation system more efficient and user friendly.


Make an appointment at DMV2U

Some DMV services require an in-person visit – such as issuance of your first Oregon permit or license, testing, or adding the Real ID option or a motorcycle endorsement.

“Every place in Oregon where people have been wanting to visit for the past 15 months – restaurants, resorts, concerts and DMV – will be crowded,” Joyce said. “Appointments are the best way to get DMV services now and in the future. Even after we catch up with the pandemic backlog, DMV will continue to offer appointments as a convenient option for Oregonians.”

DMV adds appointment slots Monday evenings, and they fill fast, so check regularly for an open slot at offices near you. You can also find out online what you need to bring to DMV to ensure you get what you need in one visit.


Limited standby service

If you choose to drop by your local DMV office to see if you can get standby service, many offices have a modern version of “take a number” – a “virtual lobby” that will text you when your turn at the counter is coming up. You can wait in your car or nearby the DMV.

“If you visit without an appointment, there is a chance the office won’t have the capacity to serve all customers that day, and you may need to visit another day,” Joyce said. “That’s why we recommend appointments – to save you from waiting with no guarantee that office has capacity that day.”

When COVID-19 restrictions end this week, no later than June 30, DMV offices will no longer require masks or physical distancing, or pandemic-related capacity limits on indoor waiting areas.

Because of the confined space inside passenger cars, DMV will continue to require masks during drive tests for both customers and drive test examiners.


Consider getting Real ID

If you travel by air or might in the future, consider getting the Real ID option when you renew your license, permit or ID card. You will need to visit a DMV office in person to apply for your first Real ID card.

Starting in May 2023, you will need a Real ID-compliant form of identification at airport security checkpoints for all flights. Many people already have a Real ID-compliant credential, such as a passport or passport card.

Find out your best option for air travel identification at If you want the Oregon Real ID option, you can create a checklist of documents you’ll need to bring to DMV with our online tool at


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Video / sound bites from DMV Administrator Amy Joyce and customer testimonials, as well as still images available here: