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March 2021


Things are starting to look up.  We are starting to see improvements in the COVID 19 numbers, and in turn we have had many counties change risk levels.  This is a good sign and hopefully means that before too long we should be able to start training in person again. 

Even though the numbers are looking good, we are still going to host the conference virtually.  This is a decision that we did not make lightly, but we must make sooner rather than later.  We will still be together to learn best practices and network.  I know that having a virtual conference won’t be the same experience as past conferences and that face-to-face interaction is important to so many of us, but we didn’t want cancel it again and lose the traction that we have built for so many years.

Another change you may notice is our Facebook presence.  I’m the first to admit I’m not much of a social media guru. This is why I’m happy to introduce Carol Herz.  Carol comes to us right out of college and has experience in marketing and writing.  With her background and experience we hope to increase our Facebook presence, get some much needed content out to all of you, and boost our following and interactions.  I am excited to see what she can bring and look forward to working with her to make improvements for all of you. 

I know we all are struggling to make things work during these unusual times.  I do want to take this chance though to thank all of you, Oregon and beyond, for continuing to be such great stewards of the TIM Program and doing you best to keep things moving. 

Stay safe,

Justin Guinan

TIM Program Coordinator

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