I-205 Improvements Project Update

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I-205 Logo v2

RealTime Signs Activated

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while five new RealTime signs were installed along I-205 between I-5 and OR 212. Crews are working now to connect and test the signs, which are expected to be fully activated by the end of the year. 

These signs are part of a region-wide system to improve road safety and help drivers make better informed decisions about their travel routes. 

I-205 RealTime Signs

Design Progresses on I-205 Improvements

Our team continues to design improvements that strengthen the Abernethy and eight other bridges so they can handle a significant earthquake, as well as improve safety and travel time predictability on I-205 between Stafford Road and OR 213. This project is part of the comprehensive congestion management and mobility strategy through ODOT's Urban Mobility Office. 

Read more about the I-205 improvements at www.i205corridor.org

I-205 phasing map (high res)

Map illustrating Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the improvements.

I-205 Improvements Project Area

  • Phase 1 - 10th Street to OR 213
  • Phase 2 - Stafford Road to 10th Street


If you have questions or comments, please contact:
Ellen Sweeney, ODOT Community Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 503-731-8230 | Email: ellen.sweeney@odot.state.or.us


For ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, translation/interpretation services, or more information call 503-731-4128, TTY 800-735-2900 or Oregon Relay Service 7-1-1.

Si desea obtener información sobre este proyecto traducida al español, sírvase llamar al 503-731-4128.